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Summer SC2 Coaching Discount

Summer SC2 Coaching Discount

In the spirit of summer, I’m offering new StarCraft II coaching specials for those looking to schedule lessons (up to 10$ off per hour) - contact me to schedule a lesson, and learn how you can save more!

Introductory Special:  1hr / 15$ (Limit 1 per person)

Standard Lesson:  1hr / 25$

One Week Coaching Package:  2hr / 45$

Two Week Coaching Package:  4hr / 85$

Three Week Coaching Package: 6hr / 125$

Monthly Coaching Package:  8hr / 160$

1 Base Baneling Build

Some players have been asking for the 1-Base Baneling “All-In” build order — here it is!

TangSC 1-Base Baneling ZvT / ZvP (FFE)
17-21 Lings (8 Ling – all added immediately to control group and moving across map)
21 Baneling Nest (Make sure you inject immediately)
Continue producing Zerglings
When your inject is nearly complete (23~ Supply) start an evo chamber/gas geyser.
Use your inject larva on Zerglings up to 26 supply
Cancel the Evo/Gas (Putting you at 28/26 Supply)
Immediately morph in 6-8 Banelings (your first 8 Zerglings)
Start an overlord after the Banelings.
Bust by 5:30~
Transition: Drones, Expansion, Eventual Roaches

TangSC’s 2-Base Speedling ZvZ / ZvP (Gateway Expand)
17-21 Lings (8 Ling – all added immediately to control group and moving across map)
21 Hatchery
You can do the Extractor/Evo trick (without overlord) to get 28/26 Supply for Speedlings
I recommend just doing an Overlord on 21~
21-30ish Speedlings
Engage by 5:30~
Transition: Overlord/2nd Queen/Drones/Eventual Roaches

Zerg vs Protoss Tutorial: Defending the Pesky Proxy 2-Gate

ZvP Tutorial: Defending Proxy 2-Gate

Screenshot2013-09-29 20_18_26

This is one of the most ancient and feared all-ins in ZvP – the proxy Zealot all-in.  This video explores some of the optimal (and sometimes not so optimal) ways that players respond to defend against it!

Click Here to view this Stream Tutorial.

TangSC 3 Hours of Ladder Practice/Commentary

Zerg Ladder/Commentary/Occasional Drumming on the North American Server

Screenshot2013-09-29 20_12_22

This was a fun session against a diverse range of opponents.  I stuck to mostly aggressive opponents with solid follow-ups, and finished the 3 hours with a positive win-loss ratio.

Click Here to view this Stream Video.

TangSC vs oGsTOP – Heavy Proxy-Pressure

Stream Video: TangSC vs oGsTOP TvZ – Gasless Expand vs Proxy/SCV All-In

(Click the image to view the stream video)

Screenshot2013-07-16 09_18_32

In this game I opened with hatchery-first (no gas), and as soon as I scouted no barracks in his main, and no expansion command center, I knew what was up.  I cut Drones at 16, built an Overlord and banked larva to build Zerglings to defend, but I’ve yet to run into a more relentless and well-executed 2rax all-in than oGsTOP’s crazy build.

TangSC vs MouzMana – STLife’s Aggressive Speedling Expand

Stream Video: TangSC vs MouzMana PvZ – Speedling Expand vs Gateway Expand

(Click on the image to view the stream VOD)

Screenshot2013-07-16 09_14_40

In Heart of the Swarm, Protoss aren’t as predictable as they were in WoL.  The Gateway expansion has made a big comeback because it allows Protoss to be the first aggressor with their MSC/Zealots/Stalkers, with all kinds of follow-through transitions from DTs to Phoenix to 4Gate.

For some time, I’ve been looking for an aggressive build that I can do in response to Gateway expands – and I found it from none other than the Korean God himself – STLife.  Here is the basic build order:



14Pool (I do 13)


15Queen/Speed (Pull from gas)

17-22 Lings



21+ 2nd Queen/Lings

Usually transition into Drones after the 2nd Inject, but it’s up to you!


- TangSC

Issue 5 of GLHF Magazine – Best-Ever 40 Pages of SC2

GL HF Issue 5

Nothing makes me prouder to be part of eSports than when the community works together to achieve something amazing.  With the help of volunteers around the world, GLHF Magazine released their 5th issue this week, featuring some of the best SC2 content to date.  The format, the artwork and the editing are superb; it truly sets the bar for eSports journals.

I’m really proud that my article called “All-In FTW” was included on page 26.  Don’t miss Ryan Kelly’s introduction on page 3 and the inspiring article about the importance of local community on page 24.  There’s even an interesting article about the GGTracker and how you can use it to improve more efficiently.

Click Here to view this issue.

The Triple Barrel Bust ZvT Guide is Finally Done!

Triple Barrel Bust Banner

Thank you all for being so patient during the production of The Triple Barrel Bust Guide!

The Triple Barrel Bust was originally developed in Wings of Liberty to help learning players through the process of setting economic benchmarks, executing timing attacks, and planning effective transitions.This old-school style of sequenced aggression has been revamped in Heart of the Swarm, with special consideration given to new Terran advantages like Reapers and Widow Mines. While this style was originally designed for developing players in WoL, it is now my own preferred style of Zerg vs Terran in HotS. The Triple Barrel Bust consistently works well against Master/Grandmaster Terrans, and it is currently my best and favourite match-up.

Click Here to view this guide on Team Liquid.

Saturday June 8: All-Inspiration Wins Clan War!


The intense clan wars between Team All-Inspiration vs Team IGT took place on Saturday June 1st and Saturday June 8th. Many players, from Golds to Masters, signed up to play and test themselves in some epic games and wild series.  Some failed, some triumphed, but we all won because we all learned and had fun (Group Hug).

Team IGT won the Gold-Diamond tournament (4-2) on the 1st of June, but the Master-only tournament went the way of Team “All-In” (4-1).

The event was streamed live at www.Twitch.TV/TangSC

Announcing: Team All-Inspiration!


Team All-Inspiration is a unique opportunity to get involved with passionate collaboration of experienced and dedicated gamers.

To learn more about Team All-Inspiration, click here