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[VIDEO] Striving for perfect Roach-Ravager Macro (8:00 Max-out)

Road to GM Replay Pack [February]


Road to GM February Replay Pack

Hey everyone,

It has been a bumpy and frustrating ride, but I can finally call myself a LotV GM! My forehead hurts from butting heads with some really good players, but besides that I feel great! And the timing could not be better. I don’t know if you’ve ever been repetitively 3-rax reaper’d by some of the best Terrans in the world, or 13-13’d by the best Zergs, but I’ll tell you it can do something to your confidence. This is a well-needed boost for me.

I had doubts that I would make GM, there are seasons in the past where I’ve tried and failed, but the prospect of failure was luckily more of a motivator than a deterrent. Even so I found myself frustrated and even angry more often than I’ve ever felt while playing SC2. I didn’t rage at my opponents thankfully, but I did rage at myself. I even left a few games without gg’ing, against people whose play I normally would have respected a great deal if I were in a better mindset. I am also certain that at many moments, I was not thinking objectively about the ways in which I could learn and improve, and therefore I missed opportunities to expand and adapt my play. I regret that I did not maintain a higher level of composure throughout; I would be a better player today. But I’m still pretty good.

What got me through was confidence, even though it was shaken at times by friggen reapers. No matter how frustrated I got, I was always able to keep it in the back of my mind that I’m playing against the best of the best, and I’m good enough to be here. I don’t have to play perfect and win every game; I can make mistakes and lose.

Because losses and mistakes and all those things even out. Those things are shared by all SC2 players; it’s mindset and perseverance that give the edge in the long-run.

Take it all-in stride.


Giant January Replay Pack — Aggressive Zerg Play vs Master/GM Opponents

Hey everyone!

The new season of SC2 just began and I want to wish you all the best of luck!  I decided I’d clear out all my replay folders for the new season, and throw all existing replays into a massive replay pack.  There are about 175 replays from the past few months.  The newer replays feature more fleshed out styles and better execution (I hope!).

LotV Replay Pack January and Earlier

LotV Coaching Special Extended: 10% off all lessons and packages in February!

LotV Coaching Discount

Hello all!  I’ve decided to extend the new years special for anyone who would like to buy themselves or a friend the gift of quality StarCraft II coaching!  Not only are all the lessons and packages listed below at a 10% discount, but I also guarantee my genuine interest and full attention.

I aim to do a lot of coaching in the coming months to raise funds to improve my computer and internet.  It is at the point where I cannot produce video content because my stream freezes and my game disconnects.  I am asking for help — all funds that I receive from coaching for the next few months will go directly to improving the quality of my set-up, which will finally allow me to stream higher-quality analysis and tutorial videos for all future guides.

$22.5 – Introductory Lesson (Hour and Half)

The introductory lesson is a one-time offer for students who want to make quick adjustments to their gameplay.  Students will be offered three up-to-date, effective build orders (one for each match-up).  It is up to the student whether lesson time is used to teach the new styles, or refine old ones.

Either way, the focus of the introduction is to make overall improvements to three key areas:  Strategy, Mechanics, and Mindset.  With thirty minutes allotted to each matchup, students can expect to be given well-informed guidance on how they can improve more efficiently.

$77.50 – Triple Play Package (Three Hours):

The Triple Play Package affords enough time to dramatically improve strategy, mechanics, and confidence in all three match-ups. Students who purchase the Triple Play Package will receive one hour of StarCraft II coaching for each match-up (total three), as well as access to unlimited questions and three replay analyses.

It is recommended to split the lessons over the course of approximately 2 weeks, with enough time to practice in between. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of unlimited questions via email, and even send replays for VOD analysis.

$135 — Triple Barrel Package (Six Hours)

The Triple Barrel Package is a coaching program modeled after the Triple Barrel Bust Strategy Guides.  The focus of this program is to push aggression to the limit with back-to-back, sequenced timing attacks.

This is a comprehensive package comes with full build orders and detailed explanations.  With two hours of hyper-aggressive coaching per match-up (for a total of six lessons), you’ll be given all the tools necessary to confuse, confound, and ultimately conquer your opponents. Like other packages, students who purchase the Triple Barrel Package have access to unlimited questions and three replay analyses.

$180 — Prodigy Package (Ten Hours):

Students who purchase the prodigy special can immediately quit their day job, because they are guaranteed to go professional within months, striking fear and uncertainty into the heart of Korean E-Sports.  Well, that might be a bit strong, but at the end of the prodigy package you will absolutely not be the same player as when you signed up.

With ten hours of 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll be among the most well-informed competitors on the ladder.  Assuming you take the proper time to practice and prepare before each lesson, you can expect to make vast improvements to both your skill level and ladder position.  Many prodigy students have reached high diamond or masters; more than a few have even reached grand master.

Aggressive Zerg Replay Pack (Top Master/GM)

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I released a replay pack, so I thought I’d share some games that I played on the EU server against top master/GM opponents. There are 8 replays from today’s ladder session, as well as 8 random replays from the past week or two.  Let me know if you have any questions about the games.

January 19 Aggressive Zerg Replay Pack




Replay Packs for the Zerg vs Terran Guide



Hey all! Here are the replay packs for the new ZvT guide:

Ling-Bane All-In or is it Replay Pack (ZvT)

Roach-Ravager All-In or is it Replay Pack (ZvT)

Muta-Bane All-In or is it Replay Pack (ZvT)

LotV Build Orders for Aggressive Zerg Players


Hey everyone!

Just so you are aware, I’ve been uploading my write-ups to

There are four new Zerg builds posted, all of which are pretty effective in the current meta.  I hope they’re helpful!  Let me know if there any questions,

– Tang

LoTV Replay Pack: All-In Aggression — A Guide to ZvP

Hey all!  Here the replay pack for the all-in aggression ZvP Guide:

CLICK HERE to download the All-in Aggressive Replay Pack (ZvP)

Replays: An Aggressive Zerg vs Zerg Build for LotV

Hello everyone, here is a replay pack featuring some examples from my own ladder play.  Most are labelled for convenience!

Replays — Basic Zerg Build for LotV

Hyungry Hyungry Roaches Replay Pack (ZvT)

Hyungry Hyungry Roaches Replay Pack (Zerg vs Terran)