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ZvP – Leenock’s Roach/Ling All-In

Leenock’s ZvP All-In: 10 Roach Rush
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Hello everyone and welcome to my newest guide on ZvP!

As the title implies, I’m going to analyze the Korean Pro Leenock and his very aggressive 10 Roach Rush designed to kill FFE or Nexus-first protoss openings before the 8minute mark. You might remember Leenock using this style to defeat Naniwa in the finals of MLG Providence (if not, I’ll provide links below). At the time, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the victory – Leenock was considered the underdog, and there were more than a few discussions on TL and on Reddit about how successful Leenock’s early pressure was at exploiting Naniwa’s FFE. The hype has died down a bit, but I think enough time has passed to revisit this build!

Many zerg players struggle and struggle playing a macro style against greedy protoss players who open nexus-first or forge fast-expand. This build is partly designed to keep protoss players “honest”. The basic idea is to fake an expansion, get ling speed to deny scouting, and cancel the hatchery to execute an all-in Roach/Ling timing attack before Stargates or Warpgate tech finish:

10Roach and 20 Speedlings arrive at opponent’s base at 7:20.

Before the start of season 6, I spent about a week practicing new styles of ZvP and I was surprised at how successful this build can be. It’s very strong, hard to scout, and even harder to stop. It’s not invincible by any means, and it’s certainly not a “be all end all” to ZvP, but it is an effective all-in to incorporate in your set of ladder or tournament builds and I encourage all you Zerg players to experiment with it!

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– Tang

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