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ZvP – Stephano’s 12 Minute Maxout

Guide to Mastering Stephano’s ZvP 12 Minute Maxout

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to present my newest strategy guide on Zerg vs Protoss, and I’d like to thank you all for viewing!
It is with great caution and respect that I approach writing a strategy guide focusing on the style Stephano uses against FFE Protoss. I approach this topic with caution because it is in no way new: it has been covered numerous times in detailed guides, team liquid discussions, and even a Day9 daily. I approach with respect because Stephano is one of the most successful and creative professional Zerg players to date, and I do not assert that I know everything about his style or thought-processes. However, in studying Stephano’s stream, using his builds in ladder, and teaching his style to students, I have developed insights into learning and improving with this style – and that’s what I aim to share with you today.
Simply put, you must mark your progress if you want to improve the efficiency of your practice! Therefore, I will only be briefly analyzing Stephanos games and will instead focus on a step-by-step process of setting detailed timings and macro benchmarks to help players grasp the key components of this style as well as improve their execution of it. I define a macro benchmark as an interval in the game where you count any macro-related elements (Workers, Bases, Queens, Tumors, Upgrades, etc.) The primary goal of this guide is to help you max out at the 12 Minute Mark by securing an optimal 3 base economy by the 8 Minute Benchmark:
8:00 Satisfactory Benchmark: 3 Bases, 60 Drones, 4 Queens60 Drones (16 Mineral Drones x 3 Bases = 48, 3 Gas Drones x 4 Gas = 12. 12 + 48 = 60)
This economy is sufficient to not only max-out with decent upgrades by the 12 minute mark, but also continuously trade armies and reinforce to ensure protoss never gets that critical third base.
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– Tang 

9 Responses to ZvP – Stephano’s 12 Minute Maxout

  • SXGxThor says:

    I love you.

  • jaecho718 says:

    amazing post this will help my zvp a lot (mid diamond player)
    but on your last paragraph where it says
    Game 3 vs Sasuke
    Game begins at about 2 hr46min…. where is the vod?

  • jaecho718 says:

    what happens i scout the opponent not FFe
    also when are the time i should scout when the opponent scouts
    i have been successful with maxing out at 200/200 food at 12-13 min but i have been dying to lots of stargate pressures..
    thank you for this amazing post ^^

    • Tang says:

      Shouldn’t lose much to StarGate if you’re getting your evo chamber at around 7min. Also, your first scouting overlord should see whether he takes gas at his expansion early (Double gas at expansion by 6:30 is a strong indication)or zergling to see if he’s not getting ground units/additional gateways. If you ever do get caught offguard, make a TON of spores and keep droning (Remember if he’s going stargate you can delay roaches a bit)

  • JarJar says:

    I kind of feel that this is an allin, which is strange to say–how can a 12:00 max out attack be all-in?
    Well, you’re stuck on low tech and you have 4 gas and 3 bases (or you can get 4th late). So I only do this when I see an opportunity for it to be good, like against a toss who takes fast third, or a toss who goes for double robo coll all-in (attack before coll gets out). What do you think, Tang?

    • Tang says:

      This is a mid-game strategy, and it’s very far from all-in because you take your 4th so quickly and you can easily get up to 8 gas and tech. Often, players will even add their spire or infestation pit around 10:30 when they’re moving out to start being aggressive. If you watch Stephano play, he’ll use this to deny the protoss 3rd (Holding a 3rd is incredibly hard against a 12-min Max) and IF the protoss somehow manages to get a 3rd base, he’ll just go infestor/broodlord with spines. Remember your economy is pretty huge, and so is your production. Upgrades also start early, so this style can transition into late-game quite well.

  • Crawler says:

    I have big Problems to deal with 2 proxygate zealot rushes, when i go 14 pool, 15 hatch without gas. I dont dronescout and if the first zealots got to in my base one time, i think its impossible to deal with that because i dont get spine crawlers up fast enough, and lings without speed are quite useless against zealots :/

    • Tang says:

      Yeah proxy 2-gate can be really tough if you don’t scout it, but you can hold with a 15pool. You just have to keep producing lings and defend with Queens/Lings until Spine finishes. You can choose to cancel the expansion if you need more resources to immediately start Spines/Queens/Lings.

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