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Stream Video: ZvP – Late Game, Early Broodlords (15min)

ZvP – Late Game, Early Broodlords (15min)

A different take on the mid/late game ZvP, this style revolves around skipping infestors to get a much earlier hive to morph in broodlords. Many players aim to max-out on roaches in the midgame, but they become weaker as the game progresses.  If you build only 16 roaches with speed for mid-game defense and use your larva on an enormous speedling army, you can bank enough gas to start 8 broodlords by 15minutes to execute aggressive, maxed-out push of 8 Broodlords, 16Roaches, and I-Don’t-Even-Know-How-Many Zerglings.  It seems Protoss may have a new reason to fear  taking a 3rd.

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3 Responses to Stream Video: ZvP – Late Game, Early Broodlords (15min)

  • Lucoda says:

    What do you do if just before your broods are out he hits you with a timing push with 3+ collosi and all you have are 20 roaches and mass ling ?

    • Tang says:

      Well it’s very hard for protoss to deny Zerg scouting once you get zergling speed as well as lair tech for an overseer. That means there’s no way Protoss can hide their tech choice or whether they’ve taken a 3rd base. So, if your overseer scouts colossus tech and no 3rd nexus it’s pretty obvious what’s coming – especially because 90% of 2base all-ins hit by 11min. So, you delay broodlords and mass Roach/Ling/Corruptor and possibly even spines to repel his 140-160 supply 2base timing attack. Once you hold it, it should be easy to counter-attack and deny Protoss’s 3rd OR let them take it while you tech broods and take additional bases.

  • JarJar says:

    Now I’ve been experimenting with this style. If you miss your timing at all, you’ll instantly die because a Toss WILL be maxed by 17:00 at latest. If it’s any earlier, (and thus pushes out earlier), 8 brood lords will not do anything against the amount of collosi and stalkers he has. I think implementing drops (ling bling into later brood lords) may be worth it to delay the toss’s maxout and set yourself for a strong economy and army.

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