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Stream Video: How, When, and Why to Speedling All-In

How, When, and Why to Speedling All-In 

 When you open with the 15pool 15gas 17hatchery, it’s up to you how you want to play it out.  You can absolutely play an economical style, but sometimes it can be effective to go for an all-in (especially in response to builds that are similar/weaker than yours like a 14gas 14pool expand).  This tutorial features two games: One against Serenity, one against Nerchio.  Both games involve reaching full 1base mineral saturation (16 Drones) asap, and using your first inject on speedlings to put on some pressure.  Follow that up with a double-inject worth of Speedlings, and suddenly you’ve got a very potent, yet semi-all-in, timing attack.

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