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ZvZ Roach/Ling All-In (Or is it?)

ZvZ Roach/Ling All-In (Or is it?)
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is with great pleasure that I present a new guide to an alternative style in my favorite matchup, Zerg vs Zerg. Those of you who read my last ZvZ guide know why it is my favorite: there are plenty of opportunities to be constantly – one could say relentlessly– aggressive.

While this may be my preferred approach to the matchup, I know there are many Zerg players who prefer a more economy-focused style. That’s why I’ve recommended two opening build orders: one “aggressive”, the other one “macro”. Regardless of how you choose to play out the opening, your mid-game goal will be the same in terms of economy and timing attack:

Economy: 3 Queens, 3Hatcheries. 38 Drones,

Timing Attack: 9:15-10:00, 16-22 Roaches, 20-30 Speedlings.

Whether you choose to execute this timing attack as an all-in by streaming constant reinforcements or merely as pressure to do damage while you secure an upgrade/worker advantage is completely up to you – but the stream videos will analyse not only a variety of ways to macro up and execute this potent midgame timing attack, but also a variety of ways to transition out of the style and into the later stages of the game.

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