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Stream Video: When Things Go Wrong (ZvT)

 When Things Go Wrong (ZvT – Bunker Rushes) 

 I don’t know about all of you, but I hate being bunker rushed.  It can be difficult to save your expansion when your opponent is smart with his bunker placement and keeps them repaired with SCVs.  But sometimes, you don’t need to save your expansion! If your opponent opens with an early rush, a 1-base counter attack can be exactly what you need to even the score or even win the game.  There are many responses to being cannon rushed, this video details the aggressive approach: saccing the expansion and going for Ling/Baneling or Roach/Ling/Baneling busts:

Be sure to tune in and find out how your replays could be streamed and analysed for next week’s “When Things Go Wrong.”

Click Here to view this Stream Video.

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