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Stream Videos: Drop-Style ZvP Tutorials

Drop-Style ZvP Tutorials 

Those who have tuned into my stream know how happy I get when I match against Protoss – and you may have even won 10 “Tang Points” for saying it in stream chat: Drop-Style ZvP.  While the tutorials do focus on the drop-style, there are lots of other tips about scouting,  overlord placement, rally points (and shift-rally points), hotkeying, roach control, drop micro, mutalisk harass, delaying Protoss third bases, and economy management.

The style revolves around:

1)  Early speed for scout denying and map control

2) Fast Lair to start overlord drop by 5:50

3) Multi-Pronged Ling/Baneling drop at 8:15

4) Mutalisk Transition or Hydra Transition with third base

5) Eventual 4-Hatch +1+1 Roach Max-Out


Tutorial 1 (Featuring LiquidHerO)

Tutorial 2 (Featuring EGiNcontrolRC

Tutorial 3 (Featuring SaSe and Daisy)

Thank you for watching!

5 Responses to Stream Videos: Drop-Style ZvP Tutorials

  • Agamo says:

    First off I would like to say great tutorial. I really am intrigued by this style of play as the meta game does not leave room for a ton of variety. I have one question though, what is the main benefit to doing this style over the standard 3-base meta game? In both the standard three hatch and this drop style you end up with an economic advantage (more drones, third hatch). It just seems using the the drop style it is contingent upon making a good baneling connections and damage with lings. When good damage is not done, then you are effectively behind, or at least behind where you could have been using the three base style. When playing against Hero, you failed to do any major damage and he just outright killed you when using the drop style, it appears that it would have been more likely that you would have held his all in had you played standard. This brings me back to my first question about its advantages.

    A curious observer (and fellow Ontarian!)

    • Tang says:

      Thanks a lot for signing up and commenting Agamo.

      I prefer the drop-style for a number of reasons, namely it lets you be the first aggressor – most games where you play 3-hatch you’ll have to defend against some kind of build that your opponent has practiced hundreds maybe thousands of times. There’s a good chance your opponent hasn’t had as much experience dealing with drop-style builds though.

      The game against HerO wasn’t typical. He went for an earlier-than-usual warp-gate timing, and so he had more units than most players would. Also, he was fortunate/skilled – many of his probes escaped with 5 hp, and his nexus only had about 100 hp left. Even with the limited damage done, I actually think I could have held his all-in counter attack if I had have kept up with my macro better or shut down his first proxy pylon (which he hid by my 4th). It was closer than it looked, just needed some roaches out earlier!

  • Agamo says:

    ahh, well i do see your point. I made that previous comment before I had tried it, and was just purely based on your videos. Today, I used them on ladder to a good deal of success. I appreciate the new strat as it is quite fun. After playing a few i started to feel out the advantages you gained via drop style. Do you think it would be worth it to take 4 of the lings from that you drop to morph another 4 banelings, you could sort of sandwich escaping rpobes at the natural this way with 2 over lords, it has a lot of potential to catch the probes running the ramp away from blings. This is just speculation though, as i have not tried it on ladder.

    • Tang says:

      Yeah, you can definitely incorporate more Banelings in the first drop, maybe another 4 in an overlord to hold position on ramp. I just like doing only 4 because then I can get faster Mutalisks.

  • WollKnoll says:

    It’s an awesome build! Just after the initial drop is the scary part. Just keep calm and try to scout.

    What I do is use the initial mutas to harras which of course keeps me practicing multitasking. Then I transition to roach/ling and mix with blings later in the match. Depending what the Toss does I even add hydras. But by this time I am already on 4 base. Of course around the 20 min mark its transition time again to whatever the toss does.

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