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The Triple Barrel Bust ZvT Guide is Finally Done!

Triple Barrel Bust Banner

Thank you all for being so patient during the production of The Triple Barrel Bust Guide!

The Triple Barrel Bust was originally developed in Wings of Liberty to help learning players through the process of setting economic benchmarks, executing timing attacks, and planning effective transitions.This old-school style of sequenced aggression has been revamped in Heart of the Swarm, with special consideration given to new Terran advantages like Reapers and Widow Mines. While this style was originally designed for developing players in WoL, it is now my own preferred style of Zerg vs Terran in HotS. The Triple Barrel Bust consistently works well against Master/Grandmaster Terrans, and it is currently my best and favourite match-up.

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9 Responses to The Triple Barrel Bust ZvT Guide is Finally Done!

  • Nutellafuerst says:

    i modified this by adding a 8Roach + one double inject of speedlings – push that hits after the first barrel and is driven on a 27 drone-eco. what do you think about that?

    • Tang says:

      Interesting, what time do the Roaches arrive? I like any aggressive alternatives/variations to the build 😀 been working on a 12 Roach rush –> 2nd Barrel myself 😉

  • Nutellafuerst says:

    i did some testing. 8 roaches plus lings can be there around 8 to 830 or so, 12 roaches come around 8 30 (on akilon).

    i guess it is a stylistic question. i think id like the 12 roaches more, as it doesnt take so much larva.

  • Goody says:

    An other great guide ,works very well now i have a few builds against terran ,using vioLet build that i found here on the website : 9 roaches,9 banelings ,16 lings at 8:45 knocking on the front door of terran .

    what’s the differents between these builds ? like the triple barrel bust , because you improve your mechanics,and your Multitasking skills.

    thanks for this great guide

    • Tang says:

      The old-school slow roach/ling/bling style from WoL can still work ZvT if the opponent skips tanks, but you have to scout. If they go gas early and get tanks, you’ll do almost no damage and end up behind. The 3-barrel bust is just a more economical/safe style of early/mid aggression, and you can do it without scouting in the early stages.

  • Goody says:

    O don’t know where to post this : is there a benchmark chart wen to expand as zerg ? wen to build evochamber or lair or build roach warren wen half ready build baneling nest will be ready at the same time .(roach warren en baneling nest)
    or gas timings ? expand at 3 min ,at 8 min ,at ? min .
    time windows to exploit wen to attack terran or other races ?
    Do you have some info ? maybe stuff for another great guide .


  • Zyzz says:

    Really good agressive strategy, and can be defensive too ( two time i defend a timing push with the second barrel).

    At the beginning i was a little suspicious by not going hatch first, but then i understood this build put the terran on pressure early and that is a very good thing, he has more chance to do mistakes and it slows his build. This build can give an advantage to the zerg pretty early, its helps a lot because the late game zvt is pretty hard right now.

    I didn’t do this build a lot yet but i’m gonna practice it and i’ll see if i keep a good % win against terran.

    But yeah really good guide, thanks.

    • Tang says:

      Yeah good point Zyzz, the second barrel is a really safe play, any 2-base all-in from Terran will get crushed ^^ I’m really glad you enjoy the style, and I appreciate your comments!

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