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Zerg vs Zerg — One-Two Punch Tutorial and Coaching Video

Hello All!

SC2 Coaching

I’ve been having a LOT of success in ZvZ with a back-to-back timing attack that I call the One-Two Punch. Bit cheesy, but hey…

Here’s the tutorial link:

Here’s the replay link:

Basically, you open 15p/15g/16h and go for an early speedling timing (12 lings) while droning your natural behind it. The goal is to force an overreaction from your Zerg opponent, while you pull ahead economically.

Behind the attack, you make sure to have 2 Queens / 2 Spines at your expansion to defend any counter-attack. Sometimes, if they’re committing to an all-in (which you should scout with Overlords on the map), you can build an additional 2 Spines for a total of 4.

The goal is to reach the 38 Drone benchmark (2 base with full mineral saturation + 2 gas) to hit an aggressive pre-lair Roach/Speedling timing. With about 20 Roaches and 20 Speedlings, it’s a great way to follow-up the initial timing — especially if you already pulled ahead economically.

That’s the One-Two punch in a nutshell, but as you’ll see in the tutorial video, there’s plenty of options for transitioning into an all-in or standard 3 base play after the second “punch”.

This is a style I’ve been using at the GM level for a few months, and it has been pretty effective so don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify any strategy/theory concerns you may have.



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