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Zerg vs Terran — Hyungry Hyungry Roaches Coaching Video

Hello All!

Starcraft II Coaching 2

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in StarCraft II. A lot. But for some reason, I’ve always been able to follow the best advice I’ve ever been given: “Go Roaches!”

The Zerg versus Terran build detailed in this lesson is extremely close to those used by Hyun and other professional Zergs, but as always, it has been adapted to be more accessible to all skill levels. You might not see Hyun do exactly this in the next major tournament, but these types of Roach styles have appeared often at the pinnacle of professional play.

Also, I can definitely say that this style is one of main reasons I reached GM this season. Good thing, too. I was starting to become as relevant to the North American Grandmaster scene as calligraphy in the 21st century.

Here is the link to the coaching lesson:

Build and Basics —

This build revolves around a key economic benchmark: 41 Drones. That means full mineral saturation on two bases, with three gas geysers (16 + 16 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 41).
The 41 Drone economy is sufficient to tech quickly and build a lot of early Speed Roaches. Not only is it incredibly safe against popular styles of Terran aggression like Hellions or Hellbats, but also it allows you to apply counter-pressure as early as 9:00.
The build order detailed below is a highly optimized way to reach the 41 Drone benchmark, and with superior execution, it is effective all the way to high master/GM.

  • 15Pool (Rally the 14th Drone)
  • 16 Hatchery (Rally the 15th Drone)
  • 15 Overlord (Rally it!)
  • 15 Queen (Inject/Move to Expansion)
  • 17 Zergling x2 (Rally to opponents expansion, avoiding Reaper path)
  • 18 Drone (Reaching 16/16 Saturation in main)
  • 19-21 Zergling x 4 (Rally to main mineral line — Defend on creep with Queen against Reapers)
  • 21 Overlord (Rally it!!)
  • 21 Queen (Injects in main)
  • 23 Drone (Rallied to build Extractor)
  • 24 Queen (At natural, spreads creep toward expansion ramp)
  • 24-32 Drones (Fill gas with 1st inject)
  • 32 Overlord x2 (Rally Them!!)
  • 32-44 Drones
  • 44 Lair (6 Minute)
  • 44 Double Gas Natural (3 Gas Total)
  • 44-49 Drones
  • 49 Roach Warren, Evo, Spore
  • 48-52 Drones
  • 52 Overlord x 6
  • 52-100+ Roaches
  • 100 Transition (3rd Base, 4th Gas, 4th Queen, Evolution Chambers)
  • 100+ Drones or Roaches

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