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Tang Coaching Profile

Tim “Tang” Clark


“Those who are the best win today; but those who improve the fastest win tomorrow.”

Tim “Tang” Clark is a semi-professional Zerg player from Ontario, Canada.  He grew up competing in small eSports tournaments for games like Command & Conquer, Starcraft BW and WarCraft II & III.  He entered the StarCraft II scene in 2010 when he joined the University of Waterloo’s power-house CSL team, which went on to dominate the North Eastern division.

Reaching its pinnacle in Season 7, the University of Waterloo won its division by a landslide, earning the team an opportunity to play live at the 2014 World Championship of StarCraft in Toronto.  Tang maintained an impressive win-loss ratio in both the qualifiers and the championships and pulled out key victories for the Waterloo team, including an elimination match in the quarter finals.  His style was described by casters as extremely aggressive and border-line cheesy, as his games tended to be short and decisive. Waterloo lost 0-3 in the Semi-Finals — Tang was set to play game 4.

In addition to competing, Tang became known as a prolific writer.  He contributed countless guides and articles for eSports organizations such as Team Liquid, GL HF Magazine, QuanticGaming, Team Dignitas, and VPGaming.  He also presented StarCraft II lectures at the University of Waterloo, on topics such as aggressive Zerg play, fundamental mechanics, and competitive mindset. He founded his own stream and personal SC2 coaching website ( to promote his strategy content and services as a professional StarCraft coach.

In 2013, he founded Team [ALLIN]  The positive-spirited, aggressively-inclined, mostly-Zerg team has grown to house approximately 100 of the most supportive, passionate, and encouraging players in StarCraft. “Aggressively Moving Forward” is the motto:  Team [ALLIN] is a top-contending team in many leagues, ladders, or tournaments.  The nearly CTL Champions clawed their way to game 7 of the 2015 Grandfinals — perhaps one of the most incredible runs for an amateur North American team to date.

More recently, Tang helped to create the All-In Academy — a group of gamers who specialize in coaching competitive StarCraft II.  Students can submit free assessments, and be connected with a suitable coach almost instantly.

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  • MajorJustice says:

    Yes, I want a protoss tutor. I am 68 years old and got into gaming to play with my son and grandsons. I have been a casual StarCraft player, but would like to take my StarCraft play seriously now. I have stop playing my other games to devote my time to StarCraft, but find myself going no where fast. I am a bronze player an an one time silver. I need help, badly.

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