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Road to GM Replay Pack [February]


Road to GM February Replay Pack

Hey everyone,

It has been a bumpy and frustrating ride, but I can finally call myself a LotV GM! My forehead hurts from butting heads with some really good players, but besides that I feel great! And the timing could not be better. I don’t know if you’ve ever been repetitively 3-rax reaper’d by some of the best Terrans in the world, or 13-13’d by the best Zergs, but I’ll tell you it can do something to your confidence. This is a well-needed boost for me.

I had doubts that I would make GM, there are seasons in the past where I’ve tried and failed, but the prospect of failure was luckily more of a motivator than a deterrent. Even so I found myself frustrated and even angry more often than I’ve ever felt while playing SC2. I didn’t rage at my opponents thankfully, but I did rage at myself. I even left a few games without gg’ing, against people whose play I normally would have respected a great deal if I were in a better mindset. I am also certain that at many moments, I was not thinking objectively about the ways in which I could learn and improve, and therefore I missed opportunities to expand and adapt my play. I regret that I did not maintain a higher level of composure throughout; I would be a better player today. But I’m still pretty good.

What got me through was confidence, even though it was shaken at times by friggen reapers. No matter how frustrated I got, I was always able to keep it in the back of my mind that I’m playing against the best of the best, and I’m good enough to be here. I don’t have to play perfect and win every game; I can make mistakes and lose.

Because losses and mistakes and all those things even out. Those things are shared by all SC2 players; it’s mindset and perseverance that give the edge in the long-run.

Take it all-in stride.


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