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ZvZ – Mass Tanglings “All-In” (Or is it?)

Zerg vs Zerg Mass Ling “All – In (Or is it?)”

The Concept
Open with a 14/14 Speedling Expand to hold off any early pressure while getting fast speed. Instead of droning or teching, continue to mass speedlings off 2 bases with 2queens. Put a lot of pressure on your opponent if he expands or just use pure ling/spine/queen to hold off his 1base all-in. It’s a great way to end the game outright fairly early, but with 2 hatch 2 queen you still have a reasonable economic follow through. Furthermore, your superior ling count will give you complete map control, denying his scouting while you decide whether to drone, continue producing lings, or tech.
ZvZ is my best matchup and I thoroughly standby this build as one of the most fun and powerful ways of playing.

The Build
9 Overlord (I do not drone scout in ZvZ)
14 Gas 
14 Pool
15 Overlord (Important to position overlords so that you see whether your opponent has expanded or not, also important to make a line of vision with overlords to his base)
15 Queen (Take guys out of gas at 100)
17 2xLings/speed (You must attempt to get into the main with at least 1-2 of these lings to see: is he mining gas, has he made a nest/warren)
19 Go back into drone production until you have EXACTLY 16drones mining at your main 2per patch.
21 Expansion hatchery.
20 2nd queen
22 Overlord
After 22 supply, in most situations you will continue to mass lings and attempt to outright kill your opponent. The execution of this build, however, depends on what your opponent is doing.


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