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ZvT – Baneling Counterattacks, Take that 2Rax!

Baneling Counterattacks – Take That 2Rax!

Since the dawn of SC2 beta, zerg has been deemed the “Macro” or “Reactionary” race. The so-called “correct style” of zerg has always consisted of heavy, heavy droning in the early stages with big mid-game/late game map control and aggression. As a result of fans observing professional zerg players like IdrA and Ret make so many drones, new and aspiring zerg players everywhere take a passive/defensive stance and “just take it” when terran pressures them early. So often when zerg players are trying to learn effective ways of dealing with certain types of pressure, they think solely along the lines of “How can I stay even or ahead in the macro game” or “How can I expand after I’m pressured.” Unfortunately, due to the negative views towards “cheesy/all-in builds”, people refuse to acknowledge that after being attacked, a correct response is often an all-in counterattack – as your opponent is likely behind and will either die or invest heavily in defense, allowing you to macro while you attack. While I do not recommend blindly cheesing every game, it is very different to have an aggressive response to something you scout. In this case, the terran 2 barracks rush.

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