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Stream Video: ZvP Fast Third vs FFE (Macro/Defense)

ZvP Macro Fast Third vs FFE (Macro/Defense)

If protoss takes a fast expansion, just take a fast third! Most timing attacks don’t come until past the 8:00 mark, giving you lots of time to drone up to a Roach/Ling army.

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– Tang

8 Responses to Stream Video: ZvP Fast Third vs FFE (Macro/Defense)

  • enodren says:

    Hey Tang! Loving these tutorials, I’m new to SC and RTS in general and have been slowly building my skills (and confidence) with a bunch of custom games with friends… when I make my debut on the ladder, I want to be prepared :-) Your posts have been super helpful in getting some of the fundamental timings and mechanics down, so keep it up. I really appreciate the structured approach (as opposed to painfully digging through streams or waiting for Day[9] to cover that topic you’ve been waiting for). So thanks again!

    Now for a question regarding ZvP… do you have any advice on ways to deal with warpgate pushes that happen around the 7min mark? I’ve noticed some Protoss go for more of a two-base all-in push that can look like a FFE to my untrained eye. Do you general use some variation of the Losira Roach timing if you suspect this is coming?

  • Tang says:

    You can’t really do a FFE and a 7minute warpgate push, he’d have to not put down his nexus (which you should scout with your first overlord). IF he’s not expanding, you need to get a warren started and stay on 2 bases. Use 3 spine crawlers and speedlings to defend the initial push, and eventually use roach/ling to hold the full protoss timing attack and then counter with a losiralike roach/ling attack, while taking a 3rd base and getting an evo and lair.

  • Tang says:

    The only way he can pressure with a FFE before around 8:30 is with zealots if he chronoboosts them out. You can scout this with your initial zerglings and respond by defending your 3rd base with lings or spines, or getting your warren slightly earlier so you have 6 or so roaches by the 7:15 mark. Keep in mind this will delay his warpgate push, which means if he doesn’t kill your 3rd base he’s significantly behind.

  • enodren says:

    Cool, thanks. Yeah I need to do a better job of positioning lings/overlords to confirm the expansion, rather than just scouting the front and assuming.

  • enodren says:

    On a related note… how much do you change the macro focused style if the third base is blocked (rocks) or hard to defend?

  • Tang says:

    I still take a 3rd at the usual time on maps like shakuras, tal darim, shattered – just spread the creep nicely. yeah your first overlord should always check your opponent’s expansion and be hidden somewhere near it so you can check to make sure it finished, and then later (around the 7minute mark) check the gases.

  • XtreMeXion says:

    always nice to see a new video :) !!! do you deal with a fast zeal + sentry push after the FFE the sameway than the 2 gate +1 attack with 2 spines ?

  • Tang says:

    You should have roaches out by the zealot/sentry push, what time does it normally hit you?

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