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Stream Video: ZvP Overlord Dropping the FFE

Overlord Drops against FFE

Opening with an 8minute zergling drop against protoss, you secure map control and several unique advantages – like distracting him from the banelings being dropped in his natural mineral line!

Click Here to view this stream video.

8 Responses to Stream Video: ZvP Overlord Dropping the FFE

  • Tang says:

    Let me know what you guys think of this…is it the future of ZvP?! 😛

  • XtreMeXion says:

    that seem to be really effective against ffe ! :) will need to try it soon olol thx for the video tang :)

  • XtreMeXion says:

    i did try that strat on ladder and won !!! :) was funny

  • Onion says:

    Definitely the future of ZvP!

    Can you actually make more videos on this? I think this is possibly one of the best strategies you’ve made yet, and I can’t believe it doesn’t have more attention. I’ve seen you doing it in the stream so many times and it only gets more amusing!

  • MatthewRock says:

    Hey Tang,
    I’ve seen your video of coaching featuring drop style ZvP, but that build was actually containing some banelings as well, aiming for heavy economy damage. Have you deleted it, or am I just blind and can’t find it on your

  • Tang says:

    I actually haven’t done a full-guide on the Zergling/Baneling drop yet. You want to start the baneling nest at the same time or shortly after overlord speed.

  • CZCuckoo says:

    This style is particularly effective against the current meta, which has been 2 stargating early. The drop does a respectable amount of damage, and the follow up with hydra makes their tech choice useless.

    When doing this build, I’ve found it very helpful to leave the baneling nest up, or build it later. When toss spot the initial drop, they nearly always send all of their probes to their nat. A baneling drop there tends to ruin them.

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