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Rushing Relentlessly (A Guide to Zerg vs Zerg)

Rushing Relentlessly: A Guide to Zerg vs Zerg

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Hello Everyone! I’m very excited to present a strategy guide on my best and favorite matchup: ZvZ.

If you’ve played or watched any ZvZ, you likely know that it’s a fast-paced, explosive matchup – the majority of games end quite early with one or two base play. I’m sure most of us have been involved in those infamous (arguably annoying) Ling/Baneling wars, and experienced the excruciating pain after looking away from your army for a split second, only to return to see all your units have died to 1 baneling.

As a result of these silly ling-baneling battles, and the overall dynamic of the matchup, ZvZ just feels flimsy for a lot of players – many describe it as a coinflip or rock/paper/scissors. So many players just do the one base, 14/14 baneling all-in, early pool rushes, or the Destiny style Roach/Ling all-in. Obviously these styles can win you games, but it’s very one-dimensional and not likely to help you improve. It will please you to know that this guide will focus on a banelingless style of ZvZ, using well-planned timing attacks to secure map control while you drone and prepare another timing attack. Even if you’re a macro player, the most important concept to take away from this guide is droning with map control as opposed to droning blindly.

You can do this by utilizing 2 highly-optimized timing attacks:

6Min – 42 Speedling Timing Attack
9Min – 7Roach/50+Ling Push

You’ve all probably guessed why I love this matchup: it’s my mindset that You cannot be too aggressive in ZvZ. I’ve never heard a player say “I need to play more passive in ZvZ, I think I’d win more.” No, I want you to be as relentless as possible and if you start losing the occasional game by attacking too much, you should pat yourself on the back and say “That was good, but next time I’ll attack more.” Aggression thrives in ZvZ and choosing the right build order and unit composition is an essential first step. In this guide I’ll provide the build order, timings, and execution I’ve used to turn a matchup many consider to be a “flimsy, rock-paper-scissors, coinflip” into a near-lock.

And even if you don’t fancy yourself a particularly aggressive player, you’ll see that taking the initiative and attacking first can often present you with opportunities to drone and secure advantages.

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– Tang

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