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ZvT – Zerg Guide to Macro-Aggression

[G] Zerg Guide to Macro-Aggression
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Hello TL forum-goers, thank you very much for checking out my newest SC2 article.

A lot of my previous threads have been all about attack-attack-attack. You might know me as a very aggressive (some would argue “cheesy”) Zerg player, but I did make it to Grand Master twice on the NA server and I’m writing this guide to emphasize the supreme importance of Macro, even if you’re a balls-to-the-wall aggressive player.

You need money to make units. Simply put, how you GET the units you want to attack with is just as important as what you DO with them. So my goal in this guide is to help you to pay extremely close attention to the precise details of your aggressive build order, because I think it’s really your planning/macro that makes the difference between an average all-in and an extremely potent timing attack.

I will use the following ZvT roach/ling timing attack to emphasize my point:
8Roaches / 32 Speedlings arrive at terran natural ramp at 7:15

We’ll go over all the build order/timing basics in steps one and two to show you how to execute this powerful early game again, but the main focus of this guide will be step 3, where I break down the build into a detailed analysis to show you how you can maximize your early-game economy, perfect your build order and timings, and execute an 8Roach/32+ Zergling attack while taking a 3rd base at the 7:15. This will allow you to put on early pressure, hold off any mid-game counterattacks, and max out Infestor/Crackling/Ultralisk with +3/+3 on the way by the 15:30 Mark.

It’s important to note that although we’ll be looking at a Zerg build that I use against Terran, the key concepts in this guide can be applied to the all-around game play of all the races. The reason this is such a relevant concept for all players is simple: I’m going to explain the macro-structure of the build – how all the pieces come together. This concept is not often studied in great detail but is, in my experience, incredibly important to success on the Starcraft II battlefield.

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