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ZvT – Roach/Ling ZvT All-In (Or is it?)

Roach/Ling ZvT All-In (Or is it?)

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The Concept:
It seems like terran has all the aggressive options: Early marine/scv/bunker pressure, hellion pressure, banshees. The big question for a lot of zergs is “Can I pressure terran early on without being all in?” Many zerg players think if they take the initiative and attack a terran wall, they’re all-in and destined to fail. What I decided to do for this guide was take the Roach/Ling timing attack and determine whether it’s an all-in build or whether there are macro-related benefits to opening with this style of aggression. I will make the argument that zerg CAN execute this style of attack and transition into a regular game if it doesn’t work, and I look forward to active and constructive feedback from my fellow Terran and Zerg players!

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– Tang

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