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StarCraft II Legacy of the Void coming soon…

With Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson at the NASL afterparty in Toronto, Ontario.  He was surprisingly nice, even after I told him I was the guy who kept Baneling Busting him.

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm

At the WCS finals I was lucky to meet with one of the best players in the world — and consequently one of my favourites — fellow Canadian Zerg “Scarlett”

Zerg vs Terran Hyungry Hyungry Roaches Coaching Video

Zerg vs Zerg — One-Two Punch Coaching Video

Zerg vs Protoss — Roach-Ling Revisited Guide

Zerg vs Terran — Triple Barrel Bust Guide

Zerg vs Terran — Roach-Ling Revisited Guide

Grandmaster Ladder Sessions @ Twitch.TV/TangSC

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

The first time I was starstruck in a game of SC2 was against Idra.  I posted “” in the game chat, and my website crashed from all his stream viewers visiting.  He did not “GG”  when I won by cheesing, but I offered to buy him a beer at the NASL Afterparty to make up for it.

Grandmaster Ladder Sessions @ Twitch.TV/TangSC

Stephano’s 12 Minute Maxout (WoL Guide)

Leenock’s All-In – 10 Roach Rush (WoL Guide)

LiquidZenio’s 3Hatch Ling/Bane All-in (WoL Guide)

ZvZ Roach/Ling All-In – Or is it? (WoL Guide) 

Zerg vs Zerg Rushing Relentlessly (WoL Guide)

Mass Speedling All-In (WoL Guide)

Featured Game: Tang vs Madara (WoL Video)

How, When, and Why to Speedling All-In (WoL Video)

Defend All-Ins with an “Economic” Opening (WoL Video)

Defend All-Ins with an “Aggressive” Opening (WoL Video)

Using 3-Base Economy to Max Out (WoL Coaching)

Rushing Relentless 1: Build Order/Execution (WoL Video)

Rushing Relentless 2: The Roach Ling Transition (WoL Video)

Rushing Relentless 3: Macro Hatch Roach/Ling (WoL Video)

Rushing Relentless 4: Holding Cheese/All-Ins

Introduction to the “MTT Trainer” (WoL Video)

Lesson on Scouting and Responding (WoL Video)

TangSC’s Drop-Style ZvP (WoL Guide)

Structuring a Safe/Effective Build Order (WoL Guide)

Drop-Style ZvP Tutorial (WoL Video)

Featured ZvP against VengaUtopi (WoL Video)

When Things Go Wrong – Cannon Rush (WoL Video)

Stephano-Style 12 Minute Max-Out (WoL Video)

LiquidZenio’s 3 Hatch Ling/Bane All-In (WoL Video)

Late Game, Early Broodlords at 14Minutes (WoL Video)

Macro Fast Third vs FFE (WoL Video)

Drop-Style vs FFE (WoL Video)

Cheese Builds – Spinerush, Banebust, and Nydus (WoL Video)

Leenock-Style Roach Rush Part 1/2(WoL Video)

DRG’s Roach/Ling/Bane “All-In” – Or is it? (WoL Guide)

Tang’s Three Barrel Bust (WoL Guide) 

ZvT- Stephano-Style – Ling/Infestor/Ultralisk (WoL Guide)

ZvT – Baneling Counterattacks vs 2Rax (WoL Guide)

ZvT – Zerg Guide to Macro-Aggression (WoL Guide)

ZvT – The Roach/Ling/Baneling “Big Bust” (WoL Guide)

ZvT – The Roach/Ling All in – Or is it? (WoL Guide)

When Things Go Wrong: Bunker Rushes (WoL Video)

The Roach/Ling/Baneling “Big Bust” (WoL Video)

The Roach/Ling All-In – Or is it? (WoL Video)

Basics Part 1: Build Orders and Execution (WoL Video)

Basics Part 2: Transitions and Execution (WoL Video)

Basics Part 3: Practice with Commentary (WoL Video)

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