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Team Opportunities


Team All-Inspiration [ALLIN] is an amateur North American StarCraft 2 team, founded in 2013 by Tim “Tang” Clark.

All-Inspiration has been built with the community in mind. We believe that a positive community filled with active and determined players is the best way to improve and enjoy the game. Allowing players to join on the basis of a positive attitude rather than skill is something we’ve believed in since day one. Our community members range from players who are new and eager to learn the game; to veterans who practice and play casually; to seasoned competitors who make us proud to wear the [ALLIN] tag.

We offer a diverse community with players from across the globe. Everyone has different skill sets and interests, but we are united by our determination to build a positive and helpful team environment. We promote a proactive mindset towards practice, and encourage our members to form both 1-on-1 and group practices with teammates. We also promote an aggressive approach to improvement, and encourage our members to use all the resources available to get better. That’s why highly recommend engaging in peer replay reviews as well as in-game coaching. It is these types of advantages that help us to not only improve our individual games, but also develop our social network, making for a more enjoyable — perhaps even inspirational — gaming experience.

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  • Splinter says:

    Im looking for a competitive clan with good practice environment and room for improvement. i would say im fairly adaptive and my gamesense are my main skills in this game, and i love to theorycraft :p Splinter 556

  • XDragonlight says:

    I’m looking for a clan that is friendly and can really help other people out when they’re having trouble with a particular matchup. In my opinion, I think I do a good job in helping lower league players what to and not to do (ie, proper saturation, when to expand, etc.), not to mention I also like TheoryCrafting ^_^.

    PS: What I think an achievement of mine is that I went from Bronze to Diamond in a year and a half, and I’m only 13!

  • Aixtreme says:

    Wotcha Tang,

    finaly a clan from u.
    Well i follow your content since i picked zerg and i loved most of it ( well the content always but the strats doesnt suit me every time.) So i wanna be part of it in the future to a) enjoy people with the same mindset and b) be part of ur awesome content(producing) and last c) want to have that awesome TAG of yours in front of my name 😉

    I would describe me as a casual semi competitive game
    iam from Germany, playing mostly NA ladder right now.
    my written english isnt that great.
    i play sc2 since release.
    and i would say my skill level is somewhere between masters and dia (depends on my freetime)
    right now: masters in na and scratching at masters mmr in eu.

    i guess thats enough about me.


    p.s. ok obvisiously i play zerg as my main my terran and toss are roughly platinum

  • Crossi says:

    I’m looking for a competitive team which help me to improve and where I can help other members improving. Regular training games would be one part of that. I would also enjoy to participate in team leagues.

    Currently I’m in the master league on the NA and EU server with my beloved swarm.

    BNet: Crossi#324 (on both server)

    What skills can I bring into the team?
    I’m one of the moderators of a relativly big german starcraftforum and a twitchstream that has usually around 120 viewer. Therefore I could take those tasks in a potential forum too.

  • mister4447 says:

    hello there
    I am looking for a competitive team which helps me to improve my thoughts because i m more theory man.
    I enjoy playing custom games because i kinda have the ladder anxiety.
    Currently I’m in the diamond league on eu and last season on both eu and na master
    I m playing terran so far.
    Bnet : HellraiserX#885 Eu and Na

    What skills can I bring into the team?
    i am theorywise up to date due to my stream addiction
    I really love to play with new people because new people new strats.

  • cartoonfoxes says:

    Finding dedicated practice partners at lower levels of play can be very difficult, which can lead to depressing skill plateaus for many of us. I’d love to join up with a team of mixed skill / experience, find some regulars to practice with, rank up out of Gold league and improve my knowledge of the game.

    BNet: cartoonfoxes:465 NA

  • RedViper says:

    I post this in response to what we talked about on skype!

    As we discussed I would love to be able to help out, and anyone who would like an invite to the team can send me a message in-game.
    Also I would love to join a team so I can get some practice partners. I currently reside in the Diamond league.
    Due to some crappy internet performance I haven’t been able to play ranked for a while tho. Problem fixed with 20 meters of Cat 6 cable xD

    RedViper#407 EU server
    SixPool#972 NA server

  • SovietRed says:

    My name is Spectrum.715 (Formerly LameAssassin) I play Z at a mid master level and I am looking for a highly competitive team, one that is constantly training with one another and one that is hopefully doing clan wars as much as possible. As far as my skills go; in game I am a pretty strong macro player who favors really long ultra-late game play. Out of game I have been coaching for my current team, Atlas Gaming a team with around 500 active players, twice a week so I would be more than willing to aid lower league players at any time that I can for free.

  • Semper says:

    Semper#1407 NA

    Zerg- I’m looking for a team of people who enjoy helping one another get better at the game and giving back to the community. I am a very new player to SC2 (had never played up to two weeks ago) and want to learn from those who enjoy teaching. I have found that the best teachers are those that are truly interested in the success of students. Learning alone is never as fun for me as it is with a group of people.

    What do I bring to the team?

    I have a hunger and drive to learn the game. Being new to the game, I have no strict way to play and can be flexible. Everything I have taught myself so far as been from tutorial videos created by Tang, FilterSC, Dignitas Apollo, and Lowko.

  • dwakim85 says:

    Name- Daniel Wakim
    Battletag- Tron#1776 NA

    Protoss – I’m looking for a team of people who can help me get the skills necessary to play competitively. I’ve been playing sc2 for about 6 months now and have gone from Bronze to top 10 Gold. I’m hoping to get up in the GM area within a year or so, but know it will take dedication, great coaching, and constant practice. I’m up for the challenge.

    What do I bring to the team?
    I have a true hunger and dedication to be very successful at sc2. I also have the funds and resources that allow me to go wherever I need with the game.

  • Tang says:

    Guys please don’t forget your email, otherwise it’s very difficult to find you in-game

  • Hodges says:

    Hey guys!

    My name is Josh Hodges, Hodges.460 on EU,

    I I I Play Zerg! I am looking for a team of committed players of my skill and higher who are willing to dedicate time to improve and practice! I am also looking for a team with lower level players that are willing to learn and want to be taught how to better, so that I am able to help them out!

    I coach my favourite sport (field hockey) in real life, so i am able to transfer that to coaching on this game. I am also a sociable person who is always up for a chat about some SC2 strategy! I am also a driven individual, no matter how good I am, I believe I can improve and be better!

  • zergb says:

    Hey Guys
    my name is Karl Fuglsbjerg
    Battlenet ID: Zergb, 155
    Im a mid master, that picked up the game Again when Hots came out, i used to be plat, but quickly improved and reached master League. Now im looking to improve even more and hit masters rank 1, and then NeXT season maybe even grandmasters.
    In my free time i play volleyball at a quite high level, making me a fast learner.
    And if you haven’t guessed it yet, my prefered race is zerg :)

    I hope to get to know you.

  • nid says:

    My name is Aaron, Battle tag Nid, 971
    I am a Zerg player and i am currently rank 1 on Silver NA and im looking for a good competitive clan with people to help me with questions. Im very active and will always practice with clan members to make us both better.

  • Sinistar says:


    Bnet email:
    Char name/code: Sinistar.169
    Server: NA

    I am a Zerg player from Portland, Oregon. I managed to sneak into Master league last season before the lock and then got placed placed in Platinum (wtf) after winning the placement match this season, I’d say I play a Diamond level but who the hell knows I guess?

    I’m looking for a team so I can meet some solid, motivated practice partners to play with and improve my skills enough to get to GM and maybe even go Pro someday (a man can dream…)

    As far as skills go, I stream and make videos semi-regularly so I’m getting pretty handy w/ broadcasting, and I keep a meticulously formatted build notebook that I’m always revising (which is why I’m such a big Tang fan!) so I’m also pretty handy when people need help with their builds. FWIW, I have a good sense of humor and pretty easy going so I usually get on well with most people. :)

  • KimchiMonster says: / KimchiMonstr.382 / NA

    I’m a Zerg player, Top Platinum and play mostly Diamonds, I’m looking for a group of friendly knowledgeable players to practice and chat with. I’ve found ladder a difficult place to make friends. Tangs videos are also what got me “into” Starcraft and on the road of improvement.

    As far as relevant skills I have… I’m not too sure. I just started playing heavily but I suppose I know quite a few Tang builds by heart now I could help people with. I have a lot of free time and I’m located on the edge of Kitchener if that gives me any bonus points <3

  • Sianos says:

    Kevin Peterle / / Sianos.185 / EU only (bad internet)

    Hey guys,
    I´m 22 years old and I´m living in germany. I´m working as a software developer. played SC2 since release of WoL at first with my friends. I hit masters for 3 times, but always stopped playing after it, because I couldn´t find any motivation to play on. My friends stopped playing for a while and now I don´t have someone to talk about SC2.

    However I want to try and play with the pros in a big tournament once. That´s why I´m looking for dedicated players to talk about and play SC2 to get me fired up again. I have a lot of experience with clans, because I played Counter Strike Source for 6 years in different teams since 2006. I also have experiences in important positions. For example I almost always was the team captain and tactician of my counter strike teams and as a software developer I´m involved in managing projects.

    I think I have a good overall understanding of the game and the different matchups. My goal is to become a high economic focused terran who isn´t afraid of entering the late game.

    But besides on playing and improving, I´m looking forward to talk with different people from different countries and improving my english.

  • Fjordz says:

    I’m 22 years old and living in Norway.
    Just finished school and are looking for a job.

    Played SC2 activly since HotS came out – even though I had an SC2 account throughout all of WoL. But were just messing around with custom-maps and such. Started out playing with a lot of my friends, but they’ve all quit SC2. I can’t stop playing this beautiful game.

    HotS started in Bronze for me, but now I’ve improved a lot, and just got promoted to platinum. Want to go all the way to Masters.

    Basic info: e-mail:
    Nickname: Fjordz
    C-Code: 586
    Race: Terran
    League: Platinum
    Server: EU – offrace on NA

    I can bring a lot of dedication to the team. I hate quitting stuff, and I love to play and improve in this game.


  • Breaker says:

    Battlenet Email/Name/Character Code/Server (MUST include all 4)
    The race you play, your skill level, and a short explanation of what you’re looking for in a team
    A list of any relevant skills that you can bring to the team (SC2-related or other)

    Battlenet Email: allanskoukristensen (at) gmail dot com
    Name: Breaker
    Character Code: 207
    Server: EU

    I play zerg and have always. I broke diamond in early HotS, now am in platinum. I’m looking for a team where I can get practice instead of just grinding the ladder. I need focused practice against equal practice partners, so that I can meet my goal of breaking masters. I play at least 15 hours a week, and would like to focus that time into real practice.

    What I can bring to the team? A future master-league player :) oh yeah… and confidence :)

  • Myaura says:

    I really want to Join this :)

    I have been a Tang fan and strategy follower for awhile now and i never had an actual home. I’ve been part of numerous teams and organisations and they all folded. I really just want something consistent. Currently i am in Platinum on NA as a Zerg and Gold on EU with terran. I also managed and founded other sc2 teams like EsG, Stratyk, ePi, NAoC and Robot eSports, i even tried to recruit Tang a few times t.t. I would love to be part of the community and possibly management as well if there is an opening :). Thank you

    real id: (EU and NA)
    Gamename: imbasoul.716 (waiting for name change so i can change it to Myaura)
    Race: Zerg
    Server: NA
    Skype: EsG.Myaura

    I am Free every night and all weekends for practices and more.. i also stream every night!

  • vZekk says:

    Name: Alex
    username: vZekk#900
    Server: NA

    Plat Zerg, looking for a team environment with helpful and competitive people to surround myself with while playing starcraft so i may become a better player.

    I’m online a lot and I am always willing to help lower league players or practice with people when they need a partner.

  • spidzcats says:

    Name: Edward
    username: windex #282
    Server: NA/EU

    High Diamond Zerg looking to improve and practice often as well as participate in clan events.

  • Einherjar says:

    Name: Sam
    IGN: Einherjar.912(NA)
    Server: I play on both NA/EU

    Plat/Dia zerg. Took a bit of a hiatus recently to re-find the enjoyment I had for starcraft. Now that I am back I want to improve and help others improve. I try to be online 3-4 times a week in between school and work. I’ve been a member of my CSL team for a year now and enjoy the team environment, and want to join one that is larger and more active.

  • Jidoja says:

    So I know I said I would post these reps and its been awhile but here they are ! Recently I’ve played a couple GMs and HIgh masters So I hope these games are interesting enough to post :)
    These are interesting matches and are against at the very least Mid masters

  • TaLuS says:

    I would like to join as a non-competitive member. DirkDiggler.456

  • havOcSC2 says:

    I would like to join your clan. I am currently a gold zerg but my intention is to progress as far as I can. I have enjoyed your videos and I believe that your clan will have a mindset that I will respond with.

    Thanks for the content Tang,


  • havOcSC2 says:


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