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Student Testimonials

Student:  SC2Swan
Tang is a great coach and a great person. Comes prepared for each lesson with enthusiasm and a game plan, and leaves you with post-lesson notes on things to work on. He is able to quickly identify weakness in your play and offer practical solutions to address them.  As a Terran player, I find his off-race coaching top-notch – don’t be afraid to try out a lesson if you are Terran or Protoss.

Student: Smallpotato.526

I watched Tang’s videos and immediately knew I wanted him to coach me. I asked him if he’d be willing to help me and we scheduled a lesson that day. He is always on time, seems committed to helping me learn, and chooses lesson topics based on what I want to learn. I started as a bronze-silver level player and after a couple lessons and lots of practice, Tang has helped me rise to platinum-diamond even faster than I thought I would. He’s a great starcraft coach and a good guy, and you’d be missing out not to get lessons!

Student: Wabo.227
Tang is an amazing terran, protoss, and zerg coach who knows all about the strategies that will help you in your gameplay against any race. His strategies and build orders are very solid and he has great knowledge of the game. Also, even after the lesson is over you can still ask him questions on how you can improve and prepare in certain situations. Overall, he’s a very good coach and player. If anyone wants SC2 coaching as any race, I would recommend Tang!

Student: Eleven
Simply put if your looking to greatly improve your game Tang can make it happen. Having been coached by him in every match up, I can say that my overall understanding of the game has definitely improved. In short, if your looking for dynamic coaching that can take you to the next level, you won’t find better than Tang.

Student: Cloven.183
Tang’s coaching helped all my matchups. As zerg, I used to have trouble with banshee/hellion pressure and Tang designed a lesson that focused on different scouting techniques and ways to handle this annoying type of terran pressure. He critiques my play and guides me along everygame, which is always very helpful.

Student: TURSeRnPoWeR.957
Tang explains the reasoning as to why you should build certain units or structures at certain times. He also points out important times to scout, defend, and attack. He taught me the basics of all races and helped me select the most advantageous upgrades/units when forming good timing pushes. I would recommend Tang to anyone looking to improve rapidly!

Student: Leopold.876
After only one session with Tang, I won 10 matches in a row and jumped from silver to rank 1 gold! He pointed out a lot of my basic mistakes and without a doubt Tang’s guidance is the reason for my quick improvements. His experience, insight, and knowledge of game mechanics really show when you get in one-on-one situations. His willingness to assist off the clock really impressed this novice Terran. Remember the sweet taste of orange Tang growing up? Ya, he’s better than that.

56 Responses to Student Testimonials

  • Rabbit says:


    One great thing I will mention about Tang is his knowledge of game mechanics, build strategy’s, and how to effectively teach you to implement them into your current builds and play style.. Over time I’ve spent HOURS with Tang reviewing replays, build mechanics of zerg, proper micro’ing mechanics, and build orders. He has always been very clear and concise, to the point, and direct! All of which are what makes a coach so great! When I first met Tang I was a low Gold level player. Currently I am now high Diamond shooting for Masters!!!

    Thanks Tang for all your work!

  • Snuggles says:

    Snuggles: 748

    I was a struggling High Diamond player who could not for the life of me promote myself to Masters. I knew there were holes in my game and it was frustrating to not be able to patch it all efficiently. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but it was so incredibly unrefined that even if my mechanics rivaled my opponents, I would fall apart.

    Let me tell you guys something. I’ve gone through several coaches in the past. Each coach had a huge amount of useful information to feed me, but they were all unable to help me instill that information into my game. I’ll be blunt, being good at the game isn’t enough- being a good coach is more important. Other coaches were unable to push me into refining my decision making skills.

    Tang was the one that did it for me. Of course he didn’t “force” his ideals onto me, but he did an amazing job helping me “think” in a different way from what I usually did – that is what really pushed my game further. Today I am a proud Master player. It wouldn’t be possible if Tang didn’t helped me to learn how to think properly in a strategical sense. We all have our different faults, but if you’re looking for someone to help you with your decision making, Tang is an excellent pick as a coach.

  • daggertech says:


    Over the course of Tang coaching me, i’ve improved so many little aswell as big things in my gameplay, Tang has refined my mechanics, aswell as a huge chunk of macro based playstyles, granted that he is very aggressive himself.
    Solid points, and a great eye for detail, has gotten me promoted to where I feel comfortable to this date, and I feel happy in getting coaching done by him alot more.

    I believe his greatest strength is to adapt _MY_ playstyle, instead of trying to force me to play something that I am not comfortable with or something that I wont do. He takes my playstyle and runs ideas through me to make improvements on each aspect that needs to be improved upon. I highly recommend Tang.

  • chackle says:


    The first time I saw one of Tang’s tutorial videos I knew straight away that I wanted to adopt the same aggressive exploitive play. For once, as a Zerg, I wanted to be in charge of the flow of the game!

    My first lesson with Tang couldn’t be better. Using thorough and clear teaching methods he taught me how to exploit my opponent’s flaws in an aggressive manner. When you book a lesson with Tang you shouldn’t just expect a build order and some teaching, you should expect very precise analysis of your play and to be taught the ways to be aggressive to suit YOUR playstyle. Not only did Tang help me with the matchup I specified, but I used the knowledge I gained in all my matchups! I highly recommend Tang as a coach. When I read the prices I couldn’t really believe it. I can honestly say this is the best deal for coaching around. Period.

  • Razer89 says:


    I had coaching lesson with Tang few weeks ago after wanting to know more about this aggressive play style, i always found myself on the back foot against the other races <<< zerg btw :)or always getting harassed until they had enough units to just come in kill me…. after tang showed me the errors of my ways through analyzing his games mine and just talking each other about the style. after the coaching he was still willing talk about it and just general help i think his amazing coach and very awesome person :).

  • Hossinaut says:


    Before you ask, CLS stands for Classical Studies, my major and hopefully career <3

    Back to SC2 and TangSC as a coach:
    I enjoy playing very macro-centric styles with heavy emphasis on aggression when it won't hurt me, not before. Tang sees things differently, and it was a unique experience to be shown how it is possible to do very similar things to what I was doing, just faster and more aggressive. Unfortunately, I am not as skilled as many of the other students with build orders and whatnot, but I have tried, and they all have worked well (the ones given to me by Tang).
    The truly notable portion of this entire commentary and review, however, is coming up. Tang provides and has provided so much material to the community, as well as to his students. This content, and it's high level of quality and the consideration made when writing it out is incredible. I was not able to execute some of the things he was trying to help me execute perfectly, because I am awful ( 😀 ), but the content provided allowed me to nearly beat a masters Zerg.
    The ability of TangSC to communicate and help you (or me :P) learn, and work with the student is remarkable. If you want to learn to play a different style or if you want to get better and have a better idea of what you should be doing at any given time in-game, Tang can help you out.

    I understand that this may sound like an open-and-close promotion of TangSC as a coach/instructor. He deserves it. When I do what he was telling me, I win games. When I don't, I don't lose out of hand, but the results are a lot less spectacular, and losses are less infrequent. He is a valuable resource and he is able to help your game.

    Good Hunting


  • jrgare1 says:


    So to start I have been coached by Tang for quite a while, and through out the time he did a great job. Most coaches just tell what you do wrong in an indecisive manner, although with tang he tells you how to fix your problems. Also immediately after the lesson I started to ladder and had already seen improvements in my game play via what we had practiced. I’ve been coached by many and have to say that no other coach has had as big an impact on my game play as tang.

    I most definitely recommend Tang as a coach, as his knowledge and coaching skills are worth the satisfaction you get when you pwn your ladder games after.

  • Vanrake says:


    I must say I’m very pleased with the coaching I recently received from Tang, not only dose he know his stuff, but he speaks crystal clear English and words everything perfectly. With his very precise instructions and delivery of information I feel like I got the most out of my coaching session.

    I would really recommend Tang to anyone who feels they could benefit from coaching! As for myself, I shall definitely be taking more lessons!

  • Vanrake says:

    DeaDVanrake.489 (EU)

    Since posting my last Testimonial I have had a further four lessons with Tang and so much has changed for me with regards to my Starcraft play. I’ve decided to do a “Part II” since my original Testimonial dose not do Tang justice.

    After my initial lesson (30mins offer) I noticed a increase in my win/loss ratio with in my ZvP match up. Using Tangs insights and advice I had quickly turned a 40% win rate into a massive 85%! And that was not all, using the general concepts provided I also saw an increase in my other match ups. All this from only 30 mins of coaching!

    After such great results I decided to take up the 6 hours of coaching offer and start to work on all my other match ups.

    As stated above I have had four out of six of those lessons and I have had remarkable success! So far I have accomplished the following thanks to Tangs guidance:

    Playhem Daily (Gold-Plat), 3rd twice, 2nd Once.
    Promotion from low Platinum into Diamond
    76% W/L VS Zerg
    68% W/L VS Terran
    62% W/L VS Protoss

    Currently I’m sat in top 8 Diamond playing VS MASTERS! And WINNING! Last month I was a lowly plat player facing a demotion!

    To anyone how is on the fence wondering if they should try coaching, Tang is a great! Take up the 30mins of coaching and see for yourself!

    One extremely happy customer


  • hiveMind says:

    I’ve had 2 lessons in total 3h with Tang. Before i struggled against mid gold Protoss. After the lessons i now practice on a regular basis against mid diamond Protoss. He also gave me a really strong ZvT which gold players really can’t stop if i execute it correctly. At this rate i will just power through the gold league.

    I will continue using Tang as even after a few lessons, and a bit of dedication, the results are drastic. I also felt that he could easily identify where i was at and he based the entire lessons to challenge my macro and micro at a level that was developing for my game.

  • iamsyndrome says:

    I have taken lessons from Tang, and he is an amazing coach. He turned my playstyle completely around on itself with apparent ease. He is able to pick up on everything that can be improved upon, and has an amazing Game sense due to years of experience. His lessons are very professionally done and if there is a question you need answered about something specific, he has the answer. His lessons are affordable, and if you are serious about improving at starcraft 2, I seriously recommend Tang due to his fantastic coaching abilities, and his innovative playstyle.

  • PengWin says:

    I just finished an hour long lesson with Tang, and in that short hour he taught me a new ZvP style (my ZvP up until how has been god awful), explained it perfectly so that I was able to perform it reasonably well despite it being the first couple of times I’d played it. He pitched me against a low masters player (I’m low diamond) and I played two of the best ZvP games I’ve ever played in my life. Though he’ll deny it as superheroes tend to do, I have strong suspicions that he’s been endowed with a supernatural teaching ability.

  • braveZOMBiE says:

    I was playing low level gold players and winning about half my matches. One one hour lesson with Tang later and I went 5-0 against high gold and platinum. In the week since, I’ve played about 25 ladder games, winning about 20 of them. The 5 losses were on a matchup we haven’t covered yet. But I’m confident that when we cover it next week, I’ll have a 100% win rate with them, too.

  • Ryko says:

    I am top 16 gold player. Tangs coaching is by far the best coaching i could’ve asked for. The prices are cheap, but i think they should be twice of what they are, and i would still get lessons from tang!!! People always thing that zerg has to be macro based and get high drone counts to mid/late game engagements! But I love this hyper Aggression, I’m so sick of the double standard that comes with zerg early Timing attacks. I loved playing zerg before these lessons, but now I’m addicted to zerg!!!! Thanks Tang!!!!

  • Legit says:


    Was a really nice hour-long lesson! He was not pressed for time and I learned a lot of new cool, effective builds. Will be trying to perfect them in the future. Thanks a lot Tang!

  • Dazza098 says:

    Wow <— thats my comment enough said !

    seriously though, i was struggling with zvz at gold level, no idea where to start and pulling my hair out !! until tang showed me the way of the zerg !!

    now after an hour lesson i am beating plats and nearly beat a master player !! im only gold !!

    so in a nutshell if you dont chose Tang for your starcraft zerg coaching needs you must be mad !!

    Thanks Mr Tang !

    TcO (the chosen one) not the cheesy one !

  • Jasha says:

    I was a gold player only 1 season into starcraft 2 and starting to have my progress held back by major flaws in my gameplay. I had a quick look onto tangs tutorials and alas my new zvz style was born. With a few hours of these tutorials and a few of his other guides I started to improve vastly. I quickly booked a trial run with Tang and after the really useful lesson I went onto ladder, eventually achieving rank 2 gold. A few days later I got another lesson and just now, 2 days later I just had my first ladder session since, beat many plats and diamonds, going 10 wins to 2 losses. I now speak to you as a proud high plat. Being a player who has only just started this is a huge acheivment for me and it is largely thanks to tang. To any of you doubting the helpfulness of coaching, if you can identify any flaws in your play I am sure Tang will fix them and you will improve.



    Top class coach and I thoroughly recommend him. 😀 Cant wait for the next session.

  • dvS says:

    I was originally a mid platinum Protoss player that decided to switch to Zerg. Before I started my coaching I was placed in a low gold standing. With a couple of coaching sessions I moved to top 3 Platinum within a week. Tang has excellent understanding of the game. His coaching is always complemented with detailed strategic analysis of the build orders or tactics he just taught. Coaching aside, he’s a very cool guy and has a calm and subtle way of explaining things.

    I would highly recommend Tang for anyone seeking to improve their skill.


  • Omnipotent says:

    Excellent coaching! I am a diamond level player, who was having problems with the ZvT match-up. Tang presented very good understanding of the game, and answered all my questions with precision. He was also very polite and even stayed a little bit longer than the 1 hour we agreed upon. I’ve had some coaching before, and I will say that Tang is the best one I ever had the pleasure of working with. Would sincerely recommend for anyone who is looking for coaching.

  • Mohiica says:

    I just concluded my first lesson with Tang and im speachless . For anyone that realy loves to play SC2 and realy enjoys it . It is a Mus have experience.

  • Penumbra says:

    Just wanted to say I have been in bronze league ever since season 2 a couple of session with Tang and I just turn SILVER today I used to think I was aggressive NOW I AM AGGRESSIVE every minute you spend with him is worth it He is a great teach as well as a motivator if you love game best to have a great trainer in your corner thanks Tang now lets see how I can get into Platinum

  • hiveMind says:

    I play in a league system and I was facing the undefeated leader in my division. A Terran that is top 8 diamond, I’m mid platinum. I booked a lesson with Tang to practice before the game. After the lesson i destroyed him with the Roach, ling pressure. He was crying about me going all in, when in fact i chose to cut lings short and drone behind. I’ve seen solid improvement every time I’ve had a lesson with Tang.

  • WollKnoll says:

    I am currently an above average zerg gold player
    There are lots of coaches out there that attempt to coach. In other words if a player is ranked high diamond/master/GM that can show that he “knows” what he is doing and is “good”. BUT it does not mean that the player has coaching skills. TangSC understands how to teach and answer questions properly. I hate builds that must be on exact timing (expect for cheeses  ) and that is what I enjoy of the coaching and play style. Coaching lessons by TangSC is a guarantee that you will learn something that will improve your play style.
    P.S. After only one lesson with TangSC I already had a lot of angry opponents tell me what a noob I am after I win. That feels so good and showed me how fast TangSC improved my sc2 gaming.
    4 more lessons to go…… 😉

  • monSTAR says:

    I just met Tang and we had a conversation about my gameplay and the transition I had from Zerg to Terran. I felt really comfortable with Tang because his game mechanics are insanely good and he reminded me of what I forgot about how this could affect me and what I could of done if I completed that goal successfully. He is a really good coach and very organized as well. He was on ahead of schedule so we got to mingle for 10minutes and he seems like a cool guy. I recommend him for anybody who wants to upgrade their skills. I think he easily brought me up a league or two.

  • Corythadon says:

    I just had my first lesson with Tang and it was a great experience all around. I’ve been struggling in Platinum lately and he really helped me with some fundamental flaws in my mechanics. The build orders we worked on are top notch and easy to follow with Tang’s instructions. If you are looking to improve your game I couldn’t recommend a better way to do so.

  • Nimitz says:

    From Silver to #1 Platinum in 3 lessons during 2 weeks.

    I have watched so many coaches from mr.Bitter’s lessons and “12 weeks with the pro’s” to Root.Catz/Root.Slush etc.
    Mr.Tang is second to none. In my personal oppinion he is one of, if not the best, Coach I’ve seen/experienced.

    I have now loads to work on after these 3x2hour sessions and it is a blast to get the accurate assesement of my weaknesses as I now can work on specific parts of my play.

    In addition; his gamestyle fits us non-pro players way better than any “Dimaga 90 drones play” as that it completely and utterly useless in lower leagues due to our poor micro and the ammount of 1-2 base all’ins we are facing. His play is agressive which sometimes win games straight out, but also it has a clear and understandable transitions to mid/late game.

    I look foreward to the continuance of this venture with him and I already now have the belief that i will reach diamond very soon as my MMR is against them. There are of course lots of improvements I need to make in my play, but he have given me the base i need to work on and told me how to solve this.

    I recommend trying out a lesson with him as you will not regret it.

    Stig aka Nimizt on the EU server

  • Malirkeit says:

    I just had my first lesson from Tang less than 12 hours ago, and I already feel the need to leave positive feedback!

    I just came back to SC from a very long hiatus (2004) and decided to get coaching right away so I didn’t hit a wall. Before Tang helped me out I was at 14 wins out of 41 games played. Not too great of an average!

    However after just one lesson, I’ve already moved up to top 8 bronze and have 35 wins out of 71 games. Not too shabby for what we started out with. Almost up to a 50/50 percentage and really if you do the math, I have a 70% win percentage since the lesson. I’m very happy with the way Tang did the entire lesson.

    I will be using Tang again and again!

    If you are having any reservations about going with a coach, you should just dive in with Tang. You won’t be disappointed!


  • ryrymanpie says:

    Tang is a professional, punctual and intelligent coach. I had my first lesson yesterday and learnt so many new tricks i didn’t even know about. Tang’s coaching is not ‘winged’ per say he has a structured and methodical process for his students and it was evident in this lesson. As a student who requires a structure this was perfect for me!

    I strongly encourage anyone considering coaching to give Tang a try!!



  • CoffeePlease says:


    I really like Tang’s method and professionalism. One great thing about his aggressive style is that it forces you to have map control, gain information and learn the timings for each race in different stages of the game.

    This extremely nice guy has – with only 1 hour of his attention – helped me a lot in my matches!
    I am a gold and soon to be platinum level player – I played 11 matches yesterday, most of them against plat players, and took only 2 defeats!

  • sekktor says:

    Took 6 hours lessons with Tang, and I’m just mind blown with the amount of information and game knowledge Tang has. We worked on each matchup, he taught me some really epic and fun builds, pointed out the mistakes I was doing, and improved my game overall. Patient, professional, and probably the most important, friendly. I would encourage everyone to pick Tang as a coach, because I guarantee it, you won’t regret it.

    Now, some practice, and powering through the leagues awaits. :)


  • AsMoDeUs says:

    The thing that I found most impressive about Tang is not his unbelievably fantastic knowledge of the game – it’s not his APM, his depressing videos of filthy Zergs beating Protoss. It wasn’t his ability to teach strategies, nor his understanding of the meta-game – it was his understanding of the INDIVIDUAL. After no more than a couple of hours, Tim sees through your entire game, your strengths, weaknesses, style, everything. He picks up on that and coaches you appropriately. Tim is not just a Starcraft Coach, he is an Educator.

    Many of you might have found other cheap-skate coaches out there, I know that I did when I was googling for Starcraft coaches – don’t fall for it – you will just be wasting money. Every nickle that you spend on these lessons will be worthwhile.

  • BrackenStream says:


    I have had two lessons with Tang over the past three weeks and the difference he has made in my game is drastic. I had some good fundamentals but I wasn’t grasping well when it was safe to drone vs when defense or attacking was necessary. He helped me to understand the basic timings which gave me a gameplan.

    What helped me the most was that Tang gave me a good framework upon which to build. I was already comfortable with roach-ling play, and Tang gave me some advice on how to use that to react to the situations with which I was confronted. His advice in the first two lessons has allowed me to go from a low-gold ranking to a top platinum ranking in the three weeks since we started. I still have not implemented everything he taught, so I feel that with more practice diamond and (?masters?) is in my future.

  • SovietRed says:

    When Tang picked me up as one of his students I was very partial to a very heavy macro-style of play, ironic considering I approached a coach who’s biggest draw is “Be as aggressive as you can be”; I was the kind of Z who you would see sit on 3 base and not do anything until he felt so overwhelmingly confident in his death ball that he would just A move into the opposition’s army. I can only imagine how frustrating it would have been for a player who looked to instill a sense of aggression in each and everyone of his students to see one of his students sit there too afraid to move forth from his base to put any level of pressure on his opponent. I’l never really know if Tang was frustrated about my slow learning in the desired play style, but what I can tell you is that Tang has a unbelievable level of flexibility when it comes to understanding the play style that you wish to cultivate before even you know what sort of style you wish to learn. If you pick Tang up as a coach, know this from a player who has gone from low silver to high diamond in a few months with his aid; Tang doesn’t teach you to win today with your style, he plants the seeds of victory in your style by integrating his own style into your potential style creating something much more beautiful then you would have other wise created.

  • WindFox470 says:

    Tang is the third coach I have had with SC2 and he is by far the best coach I have ever had. His knowledge of the game blew my mind on what can be done and how things work. When he explains stuff during games, he doesn’t say “do it because I said so”, he explains stuff with very good reasons as to why certain things are done certain ways. For any and all Zergs looking for a Zerg coach, go with Tang. You will not be disappointed at all. 10/10


  • Bibimbap says:

    Very happy with my first lesson. Everything I could hope for in a coach. I have tons of things to practice after the lesson and he answers any questions I may have before or after the lessons are done. Will definitely stick with this coach in order to improve.

  • Kanui says:

    Tang is my first coach. I decided to give it a try after reading some of these reviews and let me tell you they were spot on. I don’t regret my decision in the slightest and will definitely be a returning customer as the need for more coaching arises.

  • Drunkspirit says:

    I’ve taken a few lessons with Tang and I’m very glad that I took the opportunity to do so. He is a very diverse player with a very good understanding of the game and the different playstyles. I would definitely recommend Tang to any one looking to improve their game.
    One thing that is very important for me is that the teacher shows respect and understanding for their students, which unfortunately not all coaches do, this is however not the case with Tang.
    I will be a returning costumer in HotS aswell.


  • EnterJayhari says:

    Right where do i start 😀
    I’ve been playing a month and half now, when I first started I got pretty bashed through my preliminary games and any game after that, believe my win percentage was 10% after 10 games. I quit to play team games for a while and one day while browsing Google I came across Tang’s website and thought all the information was pretty useful alongside the videos so I bought some coaching.
    3-4 weeks later of 1 hour a week coaching I’ve got myself from Bronze to Top Platinum and just missing out on Diamond due to the lockout! My win percentage shot from 10% to 80%! Tang has helped me vastly improve my game play, mechanics and builds in such a short time. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and recommend to anyone who is stuck in low leagues to seek some coaching with Tang.
    Here is my profile URL for you to check out yourselves!
    I’ll follow up with a screenshot so you can see after they roll the new season in!

  • DroneZz says:

    Wow, where do I begin.

    I bought the 4 hour package deal from Tang and usually you wait to leave a comment after its said and done…..this is not the case!

    I still have another 2 hours to go with him next week and can already say this is giving me the advantage!

    in just 4 hours of playing after being coached, I went 18 wins out of 25! I was winning 5 out of 20, he has given me the proper build and taught me some well rounded mechanics that I seemed to have been missing before, have been working on them and have seen a huge improvement already after the first session.

    I went from rank 60 Plat, losing 60% of my games… I am rank 4 Plat. winning around 85% to 90% of my games within my league.

    Diamond, here I come baby.


  • Dexter says:

    I bought 1 hour of coaching from Tang. Can I say Tim? I am a gold level terran player. Looking to improve and learn more about SCII. Tim is really friendly and patient with you. He will pick up on the mistakes you make really fast and help you understand what you did wrong. He explains this in a friendly and understanding manner. He also showed me an easy to understand build I could use.

    I bought 1 hour of coaching but I think our skype call lasted almost 2 hours. And Tim will reply fast to any questions you have even after the coaching is over. So you buy 1 hour but get much more from him.

    I learned a lot and had a blast while doing it. Thank you Tim! See you online.

  • Dangerzone says:

    So I purchased a 6 hour total lessons package from TangSC, and so far only had my one two hour lesson. Let’s start by saying that he just a really down to earth guy and very easy to talk to, which makes it all the easier in the coaching lesson. He was very detailed when explaining on how to do this or that and when he saw I had a hard time with something, right on the spot has me do a drill to help perfect what it was I was having trouble with. Like anything else after you get a lesson from a great coach like TangSC you have to go practice what you have learned and what he has taught you. I did just that, went and watched the replays from coaching and practiced practiced practiced everything we went over in that two hours. I got went from silver to gold before getting coaching and just got stomped in gold bad. Then I had coaching from TangSC, practiced a lot, and the results were amazing. Getting coached from a guy like TangSC can make the difference for sure in your game play. He just an amazing coach, which is why I felt the need to to leave this testimony on the lesson I had.

    My records before coaching: 14-25.

    After coaching with TangSC: 34-28, which means I have gone 20-3 since coaching and practiced what my sc2 Sensei had taught me. I got placed at rank 4 platinum just today, so was pretty excited about that. Thanks TangSC, now time to practice some more so I can get better at sc2 and eventually push into diamond.

  • Dangerzone says:

    Sorry forgot to put my link and can’t seem to figure out how to edit haha
    So here is the URL to my pofile

  • Slaight says:

    I just completed my first lesson with Tang and it was an excellent experience. it exceded my expectations and he taught me a lot. He is extremely friendly and patient. I am a Platinum zerg player who has trouble with early pressure and harrassment and he built a lesson around helping me with exactly that. I am very pleased and I am looking forward to my next lesson.

    • Slaight says:

      Going to leave a follow up. After my 2 lessons with Tang I am now #1 diamond and soon to be promoted into masters. I think it may be time for another couple of lessons!

  • Crossi says:

    I just want to thank Tang so much! I had my first coaching lesson around 5 months ago with him. Since I was silver back then, we talked about important mechanics and so on. Before the coaching I was about to leave SC2 and go back to CoD, but after the coaching I suddenly had fun with the game and started to improve so much. With the support of Tang and a lot of practice, I’m now (aprox 5 months later) in the master league of the EU server and with Tang in the same division (what an irony). So if you want to improve and feel like you can’t make it without help you should definitely give it a try.

    So again I want to thank Tang so much! Stay awesome <3

  • Corythadon says:

    I’ve been playing other games for the last 8 months and when I tried to use my builds from the old meta, I was getting stomped. Tang has stayed relevant and hooked me up with some sick builds as well as reinforcing and improving my mechanics. I just crushed zvt with his triple barrel bust build. He’s also a great guy and you’ll really enjoy the time you spend with him.

  • Aummadour says:

    As a low Diamond level player I was looking for help with my basic mechanics as well as with a specific match up, ZvT. I booked a 2 hour lesson with Tang and was delighted to learn a new way of playing the match up in the form of two build orders. As a more passive/macro/reactive player I was hoping Tang would be able to show me a more aggressive style and he did not disappoint. If you are looking to brush up on the basics, or nail down a specific issue or match up, I would highly recommend Tang. I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

  • joh says:

    I gave my brother coaching with Tang as a birthday gift (as I once was given by my girlfriend). It was a great gift! During the lesson, me and a few of my brothers clan members spectated the games, watched Tangs live stream and discussed events in a Skype call! We all had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.

    I’d definitely recommend coaching with Tang as a gift and making an event out of it! Not only will the gift recipient become a better gamer, their friends will enjoy the gift as well. Why not throw in some food and even non-gamers will enjoy it :).

  • sc2swan says:

    Tang is a great coach and a great person. Comes prepared for each lesson with enthusiasm and a game plan, and leaves you with post-lesson notes on things to work on. He is able to quickly identify weakness in your play and offer practical solutions to address them.

    As a Terran player, I find his off-race coaching top-notch – don’t be afraid to try out a lesson if you are Terran or Protoss.

  • PFLaz says:

    Hello Everybody!

    I had spent quite awhile looking for a Coach and got referred to TangSC. After a bit of research, I decided to go with the 1-week coaching package to see how it would go.. and boy.. I was in for a surprise! TangSC is always on time, and we even started early for a few sessions, he even went over the “session time” to further assist and help fix small problems. His build orders are flawless and he gives you a step-by-step instruction on what to do. Very helpful through everything, speaks really clearly and has a deep understanding for this game. Tang is very flexible and can adapt to any schedule (I have a difficult schedule and he was able to work around it).

    I’ve always struggled in ZvP, our first session was specifically for this matchup… after the 2 hours – I felt so confident, and won 4 ladder games in a row vs Toss (Fortunate to get that many toss players in a row) AND KEPT WINNING!.

    As a bottom/struggling gold player – I quickly shot up to rank 1 Gold and on the border to jumping to Plat!!! I’ve never been so confident every game!

    TangSC is my definite recommendation for anyone who’s looking for a coach, for any race matchup – anytime, anywhere, any place!! I will continue to use TangSC in the future.

    Just try him once! You’ll be addicted.


  • theGamer says:

    Hey Everybody!

    It was a great coaching experience. I struggled pretty hard with Terran vs Protoss and did not really know what to do but tang helped me allot! After one hour i was able to execute my build way better than i ever did befor. It is amazing how much he can help you even in a short time. He even went over the coaching time to make shure he helped in every aspect. I feel way more confident with Terran and my overall gameplay.
    Big thank you to him.
    Everyone who thinks about coaching lesson, try him out you will be really stisfied!

    Thanks again!

  • Gilgamesh says:

    Hi there,Gilgamesh here.

    It was an awesome coaching session.I didn’t even have to ask any questions afterwards as Tang explained everything and gave advice.I really do feel that I went from Gold PvZ to Diamond PvZ (in theory and understanding how to execute my build) and the PvP game we went over he also explained everything.All i had to do was observe and learn.I suspect if i went to him again I would get master or so.

    As i heard once “Those who can, teach.Those who can’t,teach gym’ and Tang is really Top notch Teacher!
    I would tell anyone who wanted teaching of Tang he really knows what he’s doing.

    Thnx for the lessong Tang You are awesome!

  • Gilgamesh says:

    Hi there,Gilgamesh here.

    Every time i get a Lesson from Tim i learn something new.He is truly amazing player and coach.

    He isn’t just a good player and coach but a nice person.Very down to earth.I strongly suggest him to anyone looking for a Nice time while learning SC2.

    Thnx for the lesson Tim was really a great experience.
    (too bad i’ll not win anymore free lessons,since im diamond now and the free lesson win is only for Plat :D)

  • Einherjar says:

    I’ve worked with Tang a few times reviewing replays, and every time I come away feeling so much better about my game play and make huge improvements as well.

    He is very easy to work with, very friendly, and gives great feedback on what issues you had and what you can pinpoint as the fatal moment in a match. But with every mistake he points out, he also has a ton of suggestions on how to fix that mistake.

    Working with Tang is always a great experience.

  • Samishiwa says:

    Hey all, I just finished my third 1 hour coaching session, and I can’t recommend Tang enough if you’re looking to improve with any matchup. I can already tell i’ve improved a ton in my knowledge of each matchup. I just need to put the time in now to refine each style he taught, and I am very confident i’ll move up to diamond from plat, maybe someday masters with some practice and studying the styles a bit more.

  • WhiteNoiz says:

    I recently decided to dive into Starcraft and quickly realized I could greatly benefit from some help. Through Google searches and Reddit I came across Tang, who currently (Feb 2016) is one of the only individuals making available a huge plethora of LOTV builds and strategies.

    I signed up for an intro lesson and had so much fun and learned so much that I had to instantly sign up for another 3 lessons. I was able to take what he taught me, implement it and see results right away. He does a great job with explaining the how and why of both decisions and mechanics that he is teaching you. This results in putting the theory and lessons into action very easily.

    During the lesson you can tell he is passionate about Starcraft and helping you improve, there was never a moment were I felt like he was going through the motions or he was just trying to get it over with. He also created individual builds for each race matchup and has answered a ton of my questions via email.

    Tang goes above and beyond with the lessons and follow-ups afterwards. I cannot recommend him highly enough to a Starcraft player. I have made huge strides as a player, which I have to credit to Tang, after just one lesson. I am sure I will have to leave another review down the road as I continue lessons.

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