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SC2 Coaching

Tim “Tang” Clark

Tang SC2 Coaching Profile(Click for Full Bio)

Skype:  Tim.Clark70
Rank:  Grandmaster Zerg HotS, Top-300 LotV
Specialty:  Zerg Multitasking and Mechanics

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$25 – Introductory Lesson (Hour and Half)

The introductory lesson is a one-time offer for students who want to make quick adjustments to their gameplay.  Students will be offered three up-to-date, effective build orders (one for each match-up).  It is up to the student whether lesson time is used to teach the new styles, or refine the student’s old styles.

Either way, the focus of the introduction is to make overall improvements to three key areas:  Strategy, Mechanics, and Mindset.  With thirty minutes allotted to each matchup, students can expect to be given well-informed guidance on how they can improve more efficiently.

$85 – Triple Play Package (Three Hours):

The Triple Play Package affords enough time to dramatically improve strategy, mechanics, and confidence in all three match-ups. Students who purchase the Triple Play Package will receive one hour of StarCraft II coaching for each match-up (total three), as well as access to unlimited questions and three replay analyses.

It is recommended to split the lessons over the course of approximately 2 weeks, with enough time to practice in between. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of unlimited questions via email, and even send replays for VOD analysis.

$150 — Triple Barrel Package (Six Hours)

The Triple Barrel Package is a coaching program modeled after the Triple Barrel Bust Strategy Guides.  The focus of this program is to push aggression to the limit with back-to-back, sequenced timing attacks.

This is a comprehensive package comes with full build orders and detailed explanations.  With two hours of hyper-aggressive coaching per match-up (for a total of six lessons), you’ll be given all the tools necessary to confuse, confound, and ultimately conquer your opponents. Like other packages, students who purchase the Triple Barrel Package have access to unlimited questions and three replay analyses.

$200 — Prodigy Package (Ten Hours):

Students who purchase the prodigy special can immediately quit their day job, because they are guaranteed to go professional within months, striking fear and uncertainty into the heart of Korean E-Sports.  Well, that might be a bit strong, but at the end of the prodigy package you will absolutely not be the same player as when you signed up.

With ten hours of 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll be among the most well-informed competitors on the ladder.  Assuming you take the proper time to practice and prepare before each lesson, you can expect to make vast improvements to both your skill level and ladder position.  Many prodigy students have reached high diamond or masters; more than a few have even reached grand master.

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