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All-In Academy Coach — Job Description


1. All-In Academy Coach Job Description

1. All-In Academy Coach Job Description PDF

Hello all!

The All-In Academy is currently running a recruitment drive to gear up for Legacy of the Void, and we’re looking for new coaches of all races.

Click the link above to download the full job description.  To apply, please send an email and cover letter (with the title All-In Academy Coach) to Tang @  Please list your qualifications.

FalconPaladin casts Tang games on YouTube!

Big thanks to FalconPaladin for casting some of my path to Grandmasters!  Subscribe to his channel for daily SC2 professional casts, including entertaining games from pros like Sacsri and HyuN.

Click here to view the March to Grandmaster’s

Introducing the All-In Academy!


I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of the new All-In Academy website!!

Be sure to take advantage of our free student assessment :)

HOTS Replay Pack — May 7th

Tang Top 100 GM (mid-season)

Hey all, here’s another replay pack from the EU server:  May 7 Replay Pack

HOTS Replay Pack — May 2nd

Tang Top 100 GM (mid-season)

Hey all!  Here’s another replay pack from this season:  May 2 Replay Pack

HOTS Replay Pack — April 24

Tang top 21 gm

As requested, here is the replay pack from the climb from Rank 178 to Rank 21 GM.  All replays are labeled for convenience.  Cheers!

April 23 2015 — Replay Pack #2

HOTS Stream VOD — April 23rd

Tang top 21 gm

VOD:  Click Here


HOTS Replay Pack — April 22nd


To celebrate making GM, I decided to upload a replay pack featuring some games played this season.  Enjoy!

Download:  April 22 2015 — Replay Pack

LOTV ZvP — Dealing with disruptor drops

LOTV Coaching

Hey all!

I played about 9 hours of LotV today, and I want to give you guys some advanced warning: disruptor drops are a major problem.

The combination of warp prism and disruptor is actually really sick. Not only can 2 disruptors instantly kill 16+ drones, but they can kill countless roach/ravager in one fell swoop, then escape into the warp prism to be used again. It can be absolutely devastating, and if you aren’t extremely careful a single disruptor can kill 7-8 Ravagers. From what I have seen, there is no damage cap, which makes them extremely powerful for economic harassment and large engagements.

I’m hoping to spur some discussion on ways to better deal with these types of Toss tactics. I’m thinking that…

1) Pushing more slowly (with preemptive splitting) is necessary when you’re engaging with roach/ravager.

2) Spire for mutalisks may be the only way to reliably shut down disruptor drops by killing the warp prism.

3) Static defense will not be particularly helpful.

4) Zergs everywhere will need to split their mineral lines/armies on a dime’s notice, or risk facial palm prints.

5) Overlord drop upgrade may be used to save units from disruptor.

6) Overlord vision is essential for seeing warp prisms early, splitting workers, and mitigating damage.

Below are a few highlights of games where disruptors did absolutely insane damage (partly because of my own mismicro and partly because they’re extremely powerful in conjunction with warp prisms).

Vs WhiteRa: (6min disruptor drop)

Vs Bones1

Vs Bones2:

Vs Solace:

Fun facts: Disruptors can kill burrowed units, and cannot be fungal’d or neural’d while their doom spell is active.



One-Two Punch Strategy Guide — Zerg versus Zerg

Tang SC2 Coaching

Click here to view the access the full strategy guide on Team Liquid

1. Introduction

Good day ladies and gentlemen!

My name is Tim “Tang” Clark, and I’d like to welcome you to a guide featuring an aggressive approach to Zerg versus Zerg. The One-Two Punch is a cheesy name for a 2-stage timing attack. It’s fitting, because it’s kind of a cheesy build.

Punch One: 12 Speedlings arrive ~5:45
Punch Two: 20 Roaches and 36 Speedlings arrive ~10:00

This is a style of sequenced aggression: the aim is to open with “light” Speedling pressure (Punch 1), and follow it up with a massive mid-game Roach-Ling attack (Punch 2). There is also the potential for subsequent “punches”, but the primary intention is to win with the second attack.

There is also room for different variations of Punch 1 and 2, but for simplicity’s sake, this guide will focus on a single build. Keep in mind, though, that this is absolutely the kind of style that you should customize once you’re familiar with it, and I look forward to seeing what some of you come up with 😉

Click here to view Tutorial 1: Opening Build and Punch One

Click here to view Tutorial 2: Follow-Up and Punch Two

Click here to view Tutorial 3: Early Defense

Click here to view Tutorial 4: Transitioning