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New Discount Coaching Packages

StarCraft II Coaching

Hello all!  Please contact me via Skype (Tim.Clark70) or Email ( to schedule a lesson.

25$ — One-Hour Assessment and Introduction Special:
This is a great way to see how quickly you can benefit from coaching.  A single session can be huge boon, especially if you’re struggling with a troublesome match-up.   Students are asked to fill out an assessment survey, and provide a replay prior to the lesson so that it can be tailored to you.  I am well-versed and ready-to-train in a wide variety of play styles, from the most all-in aggressive to the most economic and defensive.  Variety is key to the learning process in StarCraft II, and I want to show you the many benefits of combining consistent mechanics with unpredictable strategies.

$85– Triple Play Package (Three Hours):
Students who purchase the Triple Play Package will receive one hour of StarCraft II coaching for each match-up (total three).  The three lessons are usually split over the course of approximately 2 weeks, with enough time to practice in between. Any questions that come up can be answered in between lesson, and our time together can be as focused and productive as possible.  I encourage students to email questions, and even send replays for analysis between lessons.  The Triple Play Package affords enough time to dramatically improve strategy, mechanics, and confidence in all three match-ups.  Students have the option of adding an additional hour of replay analysis for $15.

$150 — Triple Barrel Package (Six Hours)
The Triple Barrel Package is a coaching program modeled after the Triple Barrel Bust Strategy Guides.  The focus of this program is to up ramp aggression to the limit with back-to-back, sequenced timing attacks.  This is a comprehensive package with full build orders and detailed explanations, and with two hours of hyper-aggressive coaching per match-up (for a total of six lessons), you’ll be given all the tools necessary to confuse, confound, and ultimately conquer your opponents.  You’ll be sending their units back to Aiur in boxes.  Just be sure to send me any questions or replays that don’t go well, so we can stay on the winning side of things.

$200 — Prodigy Package (Ten Hours):
Students who purchase the prodigy special can immediate quit their day job, because they are guaranteed to go professional within months, striking fear and uncertainty into the heart of Korean E-Sports.  Well, that might be a bit strong, but at the end of the prodigy package you will absolutely not be the same player as when you signed up.  With ten hours of 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll be among the most well-informed competitors on the ladder.  Assuming you take the proper time to practice and prepare before each lesson, you can expect to make vast improvements to both your skill level and ladder position.  Many prodigy students have reached high diamond or masters; more than a few have even reached grand master.

Zerg vs Zerg — One-Two Punch Tutorial and Coaching Video

Hello All!

SC2 Coaching

I’ve been having a LOT of success in ZvZ with a back-to-back timing attack that I call the One-Two Punch. Bit cheesy, but hey…

Here’s the tutorial link:

Here’s the replay link:

Basically, you open 15p/15g/16h and go for an early speedling timing (12 lings) while droning your natural behind it. The goal is to force an overreaction from your Zerg opponent, while you pull ahead economically.

Behind the attack, you make sure to have 2 Queens / 2 Spines at your expansion to defend any counter-attack. Sometimes, if they’re committing to an all-in (which you should scout with Overlords on the map), you can build an additional 2 Spines for a total of 4.

The goal is to reach the 38 Drone benchmark (2 base with full mineral saturation + 2 gas) to hit an aggressive pre-lair Roach/Speedling timing. With about 20 Roaches and 20 Speedlings, it’s a great way to follow-up the initial timing — especially if you already pulled ahead economically.

That’s the One-Two punch in a nutshell, but as you’ll see in the tutorial video, there’s plenty of options for transitioning into an all-in or standard 3 base play after the second “punch”.

This is a style I’ve been using at the GM level for a few months, and it has been pretty effective so don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify any strategy/theory concerns you may have.



Zerg vs Terran — Hyungry Hyungry Roaches Coaching Video

Hello All!

Starcraft II Coaching 2

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in StarCraft II. A lot. But for some reason, I’ve always been able to follow the best advice I’ve ever been given: “Go Roaches!”

The Zerg versus Terran build detailed in this lesson is extremely close to those used by Hyun and other professional Zergs, but as always, it has been adapted to be more accessible to all skill levels. You might not see Hyun do exactly this in the next major tournament, but these types of Roach styles have appeared often at the pinnacle of professional play.

Also, I can definitely say that this style is one of main reasons I reached GM this season. Good thing, too. I was starting to become as relevant to the North American Grandmaster scene as calligraphy in the 21st century.

Here is the link to the coaching lesson:

Build and Basics —

This build revolves around a key economic benchmark: 41 Drones. That means full mineral saturation on two bases, with three gas geysers (16 + 16 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 41).
The 41 Drone economy is sufficient to tech quickly and build a lot of early Speed Roaches. Not only is it incredibly safe against popular styles of Terran aggression like Hellions or Hellbats, but also it allows you to apply counter-pressure as early as 9:00.
The build order detailed below is a highly optimized way to reach the 41 Drone benchmark, and with superior execution, it is effective all the way to high master/GM.

  • 15Pool (Rally the 14th Drone)
  • 16 Hatchery (Rally the 15th Drone)
  • 15 Overlord (Rally it!)
  • 15 Queen (Inject/Move to Expansion)
  • 17 Zergling x2 (Rally to opponents expansion, avoiding Reaper path)
  • 18 Drone (Reaching 16/16 Saturation in main)
  • 19-21 Zergling x 4 (Rally to main mineral line — Defend on creep with Queen against Reapers)
  • 21 Overlord (Rally it!!)
  • 21 Queen (Injects in main)
  • 23 Drone (Rallied to build Extractor)
  • 24 Queen (At natural, spreads creep toward expansion ramp)
  • 24-32 Drones (Fill gas with 1st inject)
  • 32 Overlord x2 (Rally Them!!)
  • 32-44 Drones
  • 44 Lair (6 Minute)
  • 44 Double Gas Natural (3 Gas Total)
  • 44-49 Drones
  • 49 Roach Warren, Evo, Spore
  • 48-52 Drones
  • 52 Overlord x 6
  • 52-100+ Roaches
  • 100 Transition (3rd Base, 4th Gas, 4th Queen, Evolution Chambers)
  • 100+ Drones or Roaches

Suggestions for New Zerg Content?

Any thoughts?

Grandmaster Zerg Ladder Session (December 2014)

Hello All!


As requested, here is a recent stream video featuring Ladder/Commentary:

Starcraft II Coaching 2

The video features games from all matchups.  Expect to see a lot of Roaches!

StarCraft II Coaching 3

It was a good run — I made it from rank 170 to rank 109 in the North American Grandmaster League.


Roach-Hydra-Viper Zerg vs Terran.  Awesome.

Team (Hwaiiiiiiiting!)


Zerg vs Terran — TangSC’s Roach-Ling-Bane All-In (Or is it?)

[ZvT] TangSC’s RLB All-In (Or is it?)

Title Picture

Hey guys, I just posted a new Zerg v Terran guide on Team Liquid featuring an aggressive 8:30 timing attack against Terran.

The guide is complete with the build order, tutorials, and transitions you need to execute some sick attacks against Terran.

Click Here to view the guide on Team Liquid.

Here is the build order:

9 Overlord
15 Pool – Rally 13th Drone to Construct
15 Gas – Rally 14th Drone to Construct. Fill Gas 3 immediately.
16 – Hatchery – Rally 15th Drone to Construct (After Pool/Gas Started)
15 Queen
17 Drone
18 Overlord

*3:35~ Start Metabolic Boost, Remove From Gas.
*3:45 you should be fully saturated on minerals in the main (16 Drones / Double Mining 8 Patches)

18 Lingsx2 (4 Lings to Defend Reapers, used to morph banes)
20 Queen (Inject/Move to Expansion)
22 Overlord
22-30 Drones (First inject-larva –3 Drones rallied to refill gas in the main)
30 Overlordx2
30-32 Lingsx2

** Total of 8 Speedlings by 5:30 crucial to kill Reapers, clear Xel-Nagas. Keep alive to hide across map and morph Banes at 8:00~!

32-48~ Drones

** The goal here is to reach 38 Drones before constructing units. This is an important benchmark!! 38 Drones is fully saturated 2 Base + 2 Gas (16 + 16 + 3 + 3).

48~ Roach Warren/Bane Nest/Overlord x3 (Supply to 76)
47-67 Roaches x10
67 Overlord x3
66-82~ Speedlings x32
82~ Banelings x8 (~8:00)

~82 Supply: Timing Attack!
~8:30 — 10 Roach | 10 Bane | 30~ Speedlings 

1 Base Baneling Build

Some players have been asking for the 1-Base Baneling “All-In” build order — here it is!

TangSC 1-Base Baneling ZvT / ZvP (FFE)
17-21 Lings (8 Ling – all added immediately to control group and moving across map)
21 Baneling Nest (Make sure you inject immediately)
Continue producing Zerglings
When your inject is nearly complete (23~ Supply) start an evo chamber/gas geyser.
Use your inject larva on Zerglings up to 26 supply
Cancel the Evo/Gas (Putting you at 28/26 Supply)
Immediately morph in 6-8 Banelings (your first 8 Zerglings)
Start an overlord after the Banelings.
Bust by 5:30~
Transition: Drones, Expansion, Eventual Roaches

TangSC’s 2-Base Speedling ZvZ / ZvP (Gateway Expand)
17-21 Lings (8 Ling – all added immediately to control group and moving across map)
21 Hatchery
You can do the Extractor/Evo trick (without overlord) to get 28/26 Supply for Speedlings
I recommend just doing an Overlord on 21~
21-30ish Speedlings
Engage by 5:30~
Transition: Overlord/2nd Queen/Drones/Eventual Roaches

TangSC 3 Hours of Ladder Practice/Commentary

Zerg Ladder/Commentary/Occasional Drumming on the North American Server

Screenshot2013-09-29 20_12_22

This was a fun session against a diverse range of opponents.  I stuck to mostly aggressive opponents with solid follow-ups, and finished the 3 hours with a positive win-loss ratio.

Click Here to view this Stream Video.

TangSC vs oGsTOP – Heavy Proxy-Pressure

Stream Video: TangSC vs oGsTOP TvZ – Gasless Expand vs Proxy/SCV All-In

(Click the image to view the stream video)

Screenshot2013-07-16 09_18_32

In this game I opened with hatchery-first (no gas), and as soon as I scouted no barracks in his main, and no expansion command center, I knew what was up.  I cut Drones at 16, built an Overlord and banked larva to build Zerglings to defend, but I’ve yet to run into a more relentless and well-executed 2rax all-in than oGsTOP’s crazy build.

TangSC vs MouzMana – STLife’s Aggressive Speedling Expand

Stream Video: TangSC vs MouzMana PvZ – Speedling Expand vs Gateway Expand

(Click on the image to view the stream VOD)

Screenshot2013-07-16 09_14_40

In Heart of the Swarm, Protoss aren’t as predictable as they were in WoL.  The Gateway expansion has made a big comeback because it allows Protoss to be the first aggressor with their MSC/Zealots/Stalkers, with all kinds of follow-through transitions from DTs to Phoenix to 4Gate.

For some time, I’ve been looking for an aggressive build that I can do in response to Gateway expands – and I found it from none other than the Korean God himself – STLife.  Here is the basic build order:



14Pool (I do 13)


15Queen/Speed (Pull from gas)

17-22 Lings



21+ 2nd Queen/Lings

Usually transition into Drones after the 2nd Inject, but it’s up to you!


– TangSC